AFBI Library Online

New Material for the Library

Staff are encouraged to propose books (print or electronic) and other material in support of their research interests.


Book Proposals

Book proposals may be submitted to the Library in several ways:

  • by filling in the New Book Proposal form
  • by completing book proposal cards available from the Library
  • by annotating publisher’s catalogues and flyers
  • by email

Journal Proposals

Unlike book purchases, journal purchases (both online and in print) represent an ongoing financial commitment which absorbs a considerable portion of the Library budget.  As a result opportunities for new subscriptions are limited.  The Library cannot usually take out a new journal subscription without cancelling an existing title of similar value.

The New Journal Subscription Proposal - Business Case Form‌ should be completed for any new journal subscription proposals.  The form should be completed, signed by the relevant branch head and returned to the library.

When completing a New Journal Subscription Proposal - Business Case Form‌‌ please remember that journal subscriptions are only reviewed once a year in May, so proposals should be placed with your Library Representative or the Librarian in advance of that date for subscriptions beginning the following January.

Other Electronic Resources

Recommendations for new subscriptions to electronic abstracting and full-text services are welcomed by the Library, although there may not be sufficient funds to purchase all recommendations.  The Library is happy to arrange trials of new products and services for evaluation by staff.