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Published articles co-authored by AFBI staff – March 2019


Clements, A.

Strong, J.A., Clements, A., Lillis, H., Galparsoro, I., Bildstein, T., Pesch, R.  (2019)  A review of the influence of marine habitat classification schemes on mapping studies: Inherent assumptions, influence on end products, and suggestions for future developments.  ICES Journal of Marine Science, 76 (1), pp. 10-22.


Farmer, L.J. and Farrell, D.T.

Farmer, L.J.; Farrell, D.T.  (2018)  Review: beef-eating quality: a European journey.  Animal, 12 (11), pp. 2424-2433.


Ferris, C.P.

Grelet, C., Vanlierde, A., Hostens, M., Foldager, L., Salavati, M., Ingvartsen, K.L., Crowe, M., Sorensen, M.T., Froidmont, E., Ferris, C.P., Marchitelli, C., Becker, F., Larsen, T., Carter, F., Dehareng, F., McLoughlin, N., Fahey, A., Matthews, E., Santoro, A., Byrne, C., Rudd, P., O'Flaherty, R., Hallinan, S., Wathes, C., Cheng, Z.R., Fouladi, A., Pollott, G., Werling, D., Bernardo, B.S., Wylie, A., Bell, M., Vaneetvelde, M., Hermans, K., Opsomer, G., Moerman, S., Dekoster, J., Bogaert, H., Vandepitte, J., Vandevelde, L., Vanranst, B., Hoglund, J., Dahl, S., Ostergaard, S., Rothmann, J., Krogh, M., Meyer, E., Gaillard, C., Ettema, J., Rousing, T., Signorelli, F., Napolitano, F., Moioli, B., Crisa, A., Buttazzoni, L., McClure, J., Matthews, D., Kearney, F., Cromie, A., McClure, M., Zhang, S.J., Chen, X., Chen, H.C., Zhao, J.L., Yang, L.G., Hua, G.H., Tan, C., Wang, G.Q., Bonneau, M., Pompozzi, A., Pearn, A., Evertson, A., Kosten, L., Fogh, A., Andersen, T., Lucey, M., Elsik, C., Conant, G., Taylor, J., Gengler, N., Georges, M., Colinet, F., Pamplona, M.R., Hammami, H., Bastin, C., Takeda, H., Laine, A., Van Laere, A.S., Schulze, M., Vera, S.P.  (2019)  Potential of milk mid-IR spectra to predict metabolic status of cows through blood components and an innovative clustering approach.  Animal, 13 (3), pp. 649-658.


Fornara, D.

Jia, Z., Hu, X., Xia, W., Fornara, D., Nannipieri, P., Tiedje, J.  (2019)  Community shift of microbial ammonia oxidizers in air-dried rice soils after 22 years of nitrogen fertilization.  Biology and Fertility of Soils.


Guenal, M.; McCourt, A.; Zhao, Y.; Yan, Z. G.; Yan, T. 

Guenal, M.; McCourt, A.; Zhao, Y.; Yan, Z. G.; Yan, T.  (2019)  The effect of silage type on animal performance, energy utilisation and enteric methane emission in lactating dairy cows.  Animal Production Science,  59 (3), pp. 499-505.


Johnston, D.J. and Ferris, C.P.

Johnston, D.J., Theodoridou, K., Ferris, C.P.  (2019)  The impact of field bean inclusion level in dairy cow diets on cow performance and nutrient utilisation. Livestock Science, 220, pp. 166-172.


Lavery, A. and Magowan, E.

Lavery, A.; Lawlor, P. G.; Magowan, E.; Miller, H. M.; O'Driscoll, K.; Berry, D. P.  (2019)  An association analysis of sow parity, live-weight and back-fat depth as indicators of sow productivity.  Animal, 13 (3), pp. 622-630.


Lowe, D.E., Lively, F.O., Gordon, A.W. 

Lowe, D.E., Lively, F.O., Gordon, A.W.  (2019)  The effect of diet and covering fully slatted concrete floors with rubber strips on the intake, performance and cleanliness of dairy-origin bulls.  Animal.  (Article in Press).


Magowan, E.

Metzler-Zebeli, B.U., Siegerstetter, S.-C., Magowan, E., Lawlor, P.G., O'Connell, N.E., Zebeli, Q.  (2019)  Feed Restriction Reveals Distinct Serum Metabolome Profiles in Chickens Divergent in Feed Efficiency Traits.  Metabolites, 9 (2), 38.


Murphy, V.S.; Lowe, D.E.; Lively, F.O.; Gordon, A.W.

Murphy, V.S.; Lowe, D.E.; Lively, F.O.; Gordon, A.W.  (2018)  The impact of floor type on lameness and hoof health of dairy origin bulls.  Animal, 12 (11), pp. 2382-2390.


Nelson, D. and Rao, J.R.

Millar, B.C., Nelson, D., Moore, R.E., Rao, J.R., Moore, J.E.  (2019)  Antimicrobial properties of basidiomycota macrofungi to Mycobacterium abscessus isolated from patients with cystic fibrosis.  International Journal of Mycobacteriology, 8 (1), pp. 93-97.


Snell, M.A.

Snell, M.A., Barker, P.A., Surridge, B.W.J., Benskin, C.M.W.H., Barber, N., Reaney, S.M., Tych, W., Mindham, D., Large, A.R.G., Burke, S., Haygarth, P.M. (2019)  Strong and recurring seasonality revealed within stream diatom assemblages.  Scientific Reports, 9 (1), 3313.


Yan, T.

Munoz, C., Sanchez, R., Peralta, A.M.T., Espindola, S., Yan, T., Morales, R., Ungerfeld, E.M.  (2019)  Effects of feeding unprocessed oilseeds on methane emission, nitrogen utilization efficiency and milk fatty acid profile of lactating dairy cows.  Animal Feed Science and Technology, 249, pp. 18-30.


Yan, T.H.

Kim, S.W., Less, J.F., Wang, L., Yan, T.H., Kiron, V., Kaushik, S.J., Lei, X.G.  (2019)  Meeting Global Feed Protein Demand: Challenge, Opportunity, and Strategy.  Annual Review of Animal Biosciences, 7, pp. 221-243.


Yan, T.

Yan, Z., Li, W., Yan, T., Wang, J., Chen, L., Lu, Y., Liu, H., Tang, J., Zhang, L., Chen, Y., Chang, S., Hou, F. (2019)  Application and validity of BP neural networks on prediction of carbon emissions from corn production in Hexi Oasis.  Chinese Journal of Eco-Agriculture, 26 (8), pp. 1100-1106.

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