Invited Speakers


Invited Speakers

Professor Brian Marples

University of Miami

Professor and Director of Radiobiology

Professor Jacqueline Williams

University of Rochester

Professor at Department of Environmental Medicine

Professor Robert Griffin

University of Arkansas

Associate Professor and Director of Radiation Biology

Professor Mary Helen

University of California San Francisco

Professor at Department of Radiation Oncology

Dr Mike Merchant

University of Manchester

Lecturer in Proton Therapy Physics in the PRECISE group (Proton Research at the Christie and Division of Cancer Sciences), Division of Cancer Sciences

Professor Charles Limoli

University of California Irvine, CNLM

Professor in Radiation Oncology

Cläre von Neubeck

OncoRay, Dresden

DKTK researcher at University Hospital Dresden

Professor George DD Jones

University of Leicester

Professor of Cancer Radiation Research

Associate Professor Bob Anderson

Cancer Research Centre


Dr Ester Hammond

University of Oxford

CRUK Senior Group Leader and Professor of Molecular Cancer Biology

Dr Randi Gussgard Syljuåsen

Oslo University Hospital

Group Leader Department Radiation Biology

Lead Scientist

Environmental Protection Agency Ireland

Radiation Monitoring

Dr Anderson Ryan

University of Oxford

Lead Scientist of Lung Cancer Research Group

Professor Karen McCloskey

Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology

Group Leader

Consultant Thoracic Clinical Oncologist

Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust


Professor Penny Jeggo

University of Sussex

Genome damage and stability