Weiss Medal

Weiss Medal


Professor J Weiss, late Professor of Radiation Chemistry at the University of Newcastle-on-Tyne, died on 9th April, 1972 (Obituary: Int J Radiat Biol 1972, 22: 311). His research projects with Haber in the 1930's are widely-known as landmarks in chemical science. For over twenty-five years he published many distinguished papers in radiation chemistry and was the first radiation chemist to attempt to unravel systematically the complex interaction between biologically important molecules and free radicals produced upon the radiolysis of water. Many of his students and collaborators have since continued this pioneering work and have made distinguished contributions to radiation chemistry and molecular radiobiology themselves.

"Joe" Weiss was an active member of the Association for Radiation Research from its inception. After his death, a fund was raised by international subscription in order to initiate an award in memory of Prof. Weiss. The Association for Radiation Research agreed to administer the Weiss Medal. The medal has on one side a profile of Professor Weiss, surrounded by the words "CHEMISTRY RADIATION BIOLOGY" and the reverse bears the name of the Association together with the name of the recipient.

Weiss Medallists are nominated by the Chairman of the Association for Radiation Research, after suitable consultations, as having made distinguished contributions to radiation science.

Dr Simon Bouffler awarded Weiss medal 2018.

Dr Simon Bouffler is Head of Radiation Effects Department at Public Health England’s Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards and has been at PHE and its predecessor organisations since 1991. He has been Secretary of the Advisory Group on Ionising Radiation from 2005, a member of the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) Committee 1 2013 – 2017 and Main Commission member from 2017 – present. He has been a member of the UK delegation to UNSCEAR since 2006 and has led the delegation as UK representative since 2016.

Dr Bouffler’s main research interests have focussed on mechanisms of radiation carcinogenesis and variation in radiation sensitivity. He also has interests in the effects of UV light, electromagnetic fields, chemical agents and mechanisms of normal tissue effects following radiation exposure. He has been involved in several European and international research projects, most recently co-ordinating the EU FP7 RISK-IR project that investigated the contribution of stem cell responses to low dose radiation cancer risk. He also chairs the MELODI platform’s Strategic Research Agenda working group.  Dr Bouffler has made a continues to make a significant contribution to the radiation research field and at time of the award of the Weiss medal award has published more than 100 peer-reviewed papers with an h-index of 33.