Call for Papers

Paper and panel proposals are welcomed on any subject that falls under the remit of American Studies. We invite proposals from individuals and from other interest groups including associations linked to BAAS and IAAS, such as the APG, BGEAH, BrANCH, TSA and HOTCUS.

Usually, the IAAS runs a themed annual conference. Given the anniversaries of revolutions and independence with which this event coincides, we warmly welcome suggestions for related papers and panels on this particular conference sub-theme.

Proposals for 20-minute presentations should be a maximum of 250 words and include a provisional title. Proposals by two or more people sharing a common theme are warmly invited and we welcome panels that cross disciplinary boundaries. The conference organisers hope to continue the initiative shown at previous BAAS and IAAS Annual Conferences by scheduling roundtable discussions and innovative panel presentations (with, for example, pre-circulated papers, video presentations, or other modes of delivery) and we aim to include such panels in every session of the conference. All proposals should be submitted to by 1 November 2015.

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