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Archaeology explores a wide range of evidence that documents the human past - from artefacts, monuments and settlements to entire landscapes - and from these interprets how societies have adapted and developed. Modules focus on different periods of World, European and Irish/British archaeology from human origins to modern times and heritage.

Palaeoecology studies environmental evidence to assess the impact of natural events and human activities on landscapes, climate and changing environments. Modules examine themes such as ancient environments, evolution, economic and climate change.

The combined disciplines progressively develop general and specific knowledge and skills, through excavation, fieldwork, overseas field trips, laboratory and practical work.

As well as the Single Honours BA in Archaeology and BSc in Archaeology-Palaeoecology, Queen’s offers several degrees which combine Archaeology (the study of past human activities) and Palaeoecology (the study of past environments) with other subjects (Languages, Geography and History). We have also introduced the MSci in Archaeology, which is an integrated four-year degree, whereby students can progress directly to Masters-level study in Level 4.