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New website templates

An enhanced user experience

A key focus of the project is to improve the experience visitors have when they use our website and to deliver a site that is centralised around our audiences’ needs and expectations.

Image led design

Users told us in our website focus groups that the Queen's website lacked the 'wow' factor.

In a competitive marketplace, it's important our website is memorable and impactful, using striking imagery. Our page layouts and extensive use of images on key pages are designed to make our information easy to understand and remember.

Belfast city hall through the trees

Simpler designs are easier to scan, which means they’re faster to appreciate.

Minimal interfaces also perform better as users can easily find the information they are looking for, rather than it being lost in clutter. The new layouts are designed to encourage progressive content consumption through the page.

female student smiling in front of red brick wall
Pictorial superiority effect
A key principle

When information is presented as text combined with a relevant image, we are more likely to remember more of the information for longer. [Nelson, D.L., Reed, U.S., & Walling, J.R. (1976).]

female student wearing headphones and studying in the McClay library
Content comes first

Pages are easy to scan, enabling the user to pick out information and choices at a glance

The content flow is built around scrolling first and clicking second. This means fewer links, more buttons, bigger ‘clickable’ areas, and taller pages that expect to be scrolled.

Responsive design templates

Content is now easily accessible across mobile, tablet and desktop channels

Our new designs are ‘responsive’ which means that our new pages adapt our content to fit the device the visitor is using rather than leaving out information to fit smaller devices.

Sonic chamber
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View the new templates

Pages can be compiled with a combination of template building blocks, allowing flexibility within a consistent design.

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