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CCIP 20th Anniversary Virtual Special Issue

Child Care in Practice is celebrating it's 20th anniversary with a virtual special issue. The Editorial Board selected 20 articles which have made a particularly significant contribution to the journal. We hope you enjoy this online issue, which provides free access to the listed articles until the end of March 2015.

 CCIP January Special Edition:

We are pleased to announce that our January 2015 special issue on "Valuing Disabled Children and Young People" has been published. Thank you to our guest editors Dr Bronagh Byrne and Dr Berni Kelly. The articles in this issue are as follows:

  • "We Could Kid On that This is Going to Benefit the Kids but No, This is about Funding": Cutbacks in Services to Disabled Children and Young People in Scotland. Stalker K, et al
  • Prioritising the Inclusion of Children and Young People with Disabilities in Post-Conflict Education Reform. Irvine R
  • Transition, Inclusion and Partnership: Child-, Parent- and Professional-led Approaches in a European Research Project. Davis JM, et al
  • From Individualism to Co-construction and Back Again: Rethinking Research Methodology for Children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. Simmons B, et al
  • "The Things that are Inside of You are Horrible": Children and Young Men with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Talk about the Impact of Living with a Long-term Condition. Abbott D, et al
  • "Yes They are Listening but Do They Hear Us" Relections on the Journey of the Barnardo's Participation Project. Murray R

Book Reviews:

  • Disbaling Barriers - Enabling Environment by John Swain, Sally French, Colin Barnes & Carol Thomas. Reviewed by Ivanka Antova
  • Disabled Children's Childhood Studies: Critical Approaches in a Global Context by Tillie Curran & KAtherine Runswick-Cole. Reviewed by Sandra Dowling

CCIP Writers' Workshop

Professor Brian Taylor and Professor Stanley Houston are hosting a CCIP Writers' Workshop on Wednesday 18th February 2015 at Queen's University Belfast. Please contact to book a place.

Call for book reviewers:

Please contact if you would be interested in reviewing the books "Selected writings on adoption, fostering and child care" by John Triseliotis, or "Parenting a child with, or at risk of genetic disorders" by Peter Turnpenny, Dorothy Marsh and Sarah Lucas.

Child Care in Practice would like to thank all those involved with the journal for their continued help and support.


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Articles for Review  

 The following paper/s are available for review.  If you would like to volunteer to review any of these, please contact Gemma.

The Invisible Wound - The Emotional Abuse of Children


Abstract: The emotional abuse of children is recognized as a significant cause for mental disturbances. However, opinions vary on what can be considered as emotional abuse. On the one hand, emotional abuse is seen to be embedded within Western culture child-rearing practice, thus turning every parent into a potential abuser. On the other hand, emotional abuse is seen as a symptom of dysfunctional families, only affecting a limited number. I suggest that the detection of emotional abuse of children needs to take into account cultural practices of child-rearing as it runs along a continuum of severity. The ecological model attempts to describe the conditions for the occurrence of emotional abuse which can assist social workers who work directly with children at risk and offer them assistance which can sometimes prevent later pathology.


As ever: If you come across a suitable, interesting piece at a conference or seminar, always feel free to suggest that the author submit it to CCiP. Put any potential authors in touch with Gemma at or (+44) 2890 975 912.




Reviews Outstanding


Please upload your overdue review to Manuscript Central as soon as possible, or (if you haven’t already done so) contact Gemma at if you have any issues.

Many thanks for your time and your help in keeping the publication process running smoothly.


Books for Review

We have a number of titles available to review (see below – most recent titles are at the bottom of each topic). If any of them would be of interest to you – or one of your colleagues – request a copy from Cait at If you have a suggestion for a recent or upcoming book to review in the Journal, let Cait know and she can obtain a review copy. 



  • Toddler Adoption: The Weaver’s Craft – Mary Hopkins-Best, JKP 2012  
  • Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today's Parents – Deborah D. Gray, JKP 2012
  • The Teenager's Foster Carer's Handbook: Caring for young people in foster and residential care and helping them become adults – Ann Wheal & Meral Mehmet, Russell House 2012
  • Planning for Contact in Permanent Placements (Good Practice Guide) – Paul Adams, BAAF 2012
  • The Foster Carer’s Handbook: For carers of children 11 years and under – Ann Wheal & Meral Mehmet, Russell House 2012
  • Fostering Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking young People, creating a family life across a 'world of difference', Jim Wade, Ala Sirriyeh, Ravi Kohli and John Simmonds, BAAF 2012
  • Once Upon A Time...Stories and drama to use in direct work with adopted and fostered children, Joan Moore, BAAF 2012
  • Writing a Later Life Letter (Good Practice Guide), Fran Moffat, BAAF 2012
  • Chosen: Living with Adoption, Edited by Perlita Harris, BAAF 2012
  • Adoption for Looked After Children: messages from research, Caroline Thomas, BAAF 2013
  • Life Story Work with Children who are Fostered or Adopted, Katie Wrench and Lesley Naylor, JKP 2013
  • Comparing Long-term Placements for Young Children in Care. The Care Pathways and Outcomes Study - Northern Ireland, Dominic McSherry, Montserrat Fargas Malet and Kerrylee Weatherall, BAAF 2012
  • Placing Large Sibling Groups for Adoption, Hilary Saunders and Julie Selwyn with Eileen Fursland, BAAF 2013
  • Foster Parenting Step-by-Step. How to Nurture the Traumatized Child and Overcome Conflict, Dr Kalyani Gopal, JKP 2013
  • The Foster Parenting Manual. A Practical Guide to Creating a Loving, Safe and Stable Home, John Degarmo, JKP 2013
  • Concurrent planning. Achieving early permanence for babies and young children, Sarah Borthwick and Sharon Donnelly, BAAF 2013
  • Adopting a Child in Scotland, Robert Swift, BAAF 2013
  • Why Was I Adopted? Helpful Answers to your child’s big adoption questions, Jane Jackson BAAF 2013
  • Nurturing Attachments Training Resource. Running Parenting Groups for Adoptive Parents and Foster or Kinship Carers, Kim S Golding, JKP 2014



  • Elements of Discipline, Stephen Greenspan, Temple 2012
  • Supporting Education (Ten Top Tips), Eileen Fursland with Kate Cairns and Chris Stanway, BAAF 2013
  • E-Safety for the i-Generation. Combating the Misuse and Abuse of Technology in Schools, Nikki Grant, JKP 2013
  • Pathways through eductaion for young people in care. Ideas from research and practice, Edited by Sonia Jackson, BAAF 2013



  • Exploiting Childhood, How Fast Food Material Obsession and Porn Culture are Creating new forms of Child Abuse, Edited by Jim Wild, JKP 2013
  • Child Care Law Northern Ireland, Michael Long, BAAF 2014



  • Empathetic Care for Children with Disorganized Attachments, Chris Taylor, JKP 2012
  • Persisting Pain in Children (brochure package), World Health Organisation 2013
  • Can I Tell You About Asthma? A guide for friends, family and professionals, Lesley Mills, JKP 2013
  • Mindful Therapeutic Care for Children. A Guide to Reflective Practice, Dr Joanna North, JKP 2014



  • Parenting a Child with Dyslexia –  Chris Stanway & Lorna Miles, BAAF 2012
  • Parenting a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Paul Carter, BAAF 2013
  • Parenting a Child With Developmental Delay, Pamela Bartram and Sue and Jim Clifford, BAAF 2013
  • Child Neglect and Behavioural Parent Education, Benny McDaniel and Karola Dillenburger, Russell House 2014
  • The Equal Parent Presumption. Social Justice in the Legal Determination of Parenting after Divorce, Edward Kruk, MQUP 2014



  • Residential Child Care, Graham Connelly and Ian Milligan, Dunedin 2012
  • Preventing Child Deaths, Sharon Vincent, Dunedin 2012
  • Social Work with Fathers, Positive Practice, Gary Clapton, Dunedin 2013
  • Social work with Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children, Daniel Allen and Paul Adams, BAAF 2013
  • Child Protection and Child Welfare, Penelope Welbourne and John Dixon, JKP 2013
  • Assessment in Child Care. Using and developing frameworks for practice, Edited by Martin C Calder and Simon Hackett , RHP 2013





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