Current Books for Review

If you or a colleague would like to review one of the books below, please contact the assistant editor at



  • Selected Writings on Adoption, Fostering and Child Care - John Triseliotis, BAAF, 2014
  • Toddler Adoption: The Weaver’s Craft – Mary Hopkins-Best, JKP 2012  
  • Attaching in Adoption: Practical Tools for Today's Parents – Deborah D. Gray, JKP 2012
  • The Teenager's Foster Carer's Handbook: Caring for young people in foster and residential care and helping them become adults – Ann Wheal & Meral Mehmet, Russell House 2012
  • Planning for Contact in Permanent Placements (Good Practice Guide) – Paul Adams, BAAF 2012
  • The Foster Carer’s Handbook: For carers of children 11 years and under – Ann Wheal & Meral Mehmet, Russell House 2012
  • Fostering Unaccompanied Asylum-Seeking young People, creating a family life across a 'world of difference', Jim Wade, Ala Sirriyeh, Ravi Kohli and John Simmonds, BAAF 2012
  • Once Upon A Time...Stories and drama to use in direct work with adopted and fostered children, Joan Moore, BAAF 2012
  • Writing a Later Life Letter (Good Practice Guide), Fran Moffat, BAAF 2012
  • Chosen: Living with Adoption, Edited by Perlita Harris, BAAF 2012
  • Adoption for Looked After Children: messages from research, Caroline Thomas, BAAF 2013
  • Life Story Work with Children who are Fostered or Adopted, Katie Wrench and Lesley Naylor, JKP 2013
  • Comparing Long-term Placements for Young Children in Care. The Care Pathways and Outcomes Study - Northern Ireland, Dominic McSherry, Montserrat Fargas Malet and Kerrylee Weatherall, BAAF 2012
  • Placing Large Sibling Groups for Adoption, Hilary Saunders and Julie Selwyn with Eileen Fursland, BAAF 2013
  • Foster Parenting Step-by-Step. How to Nurture the Traumatized Child and Overcome Conflict, Dr Kalyani Gopal, JKP 2013
  • The Foster Parenting Manual. A Practical Guide to Creating a Loving, Safe and Stable Home, John Degarmo, JKP 2013
  • Concurrent planning. Achieving early permanence for babies and young children, Sarah Borthwick and Sharon Donnelly, BAAF 2013
  • Adopting a Child in Scotland, Robert Swift, BAAF 2013
  • Why Was I Adopted? Helpful Answers to your child’s big adoption questions, Jane Jackson BAAF 2013
  • Nurturing Attachments Training Resource. Running Parenting Groups for Adoptive Parents and Foster or Kinship Carers, Kim S Golding, JKP 2014



  • Elements of Discipline, Stephen Greenspan, Temple 2012
  • Supporting Education (Ten Top Tips), Eileen Fursland with Kate Cairns and Chris Stanway, BAAF 2013
  • E-Safety for the i-Generation. Combating the Misuse and Abuse of Technology in Schools, Nikki Grant, JKP 2013
  • Pathways through eductaion for young people in care. Ideas from research and practice, Edited by Sonia Jackson, BAAF 2013



  • Exploiting Childhood, How Fast Food Material Obsession and Porn Culture are Creating new forms of Child Abuse, Edited by Jim Wild, JKP 2013
  • Child Care Law Northern Ireland, Michael Long, BAAF 2014



  • Why Love Matters: How Affection Shapes a Baby's Brain, 2nd Edition, Sue Gerhardt, Routledge 2015
  • Empathetic Care for Children with Disorganized Attachments, Chris Taylor, JKP 2012
  • Persisting Pain in Children (brochure package), World Health Organisation 2013
  • Can I Tell You About Asthma? A guide for friends, family and professionals, Lesley Mills, JKP 2013
  • Mindful Therapeutic Care for Children. A Guide to Reflective Practice, Dr Joanna North, JKP 2014



  • Parenting a Child with, or at Risk of Genetic Disorders, Peter D Turnpenny, Dorothy Marsh and Sarah Lucas, BAAF 2014
  • Parenting a Child with Dyslexia –  Chris Stanway & Lorna Miles, BAAF 2012
  • Parenting a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Paul Carter, BAAF 2013
  • Parenting a Child With Developmental Delay, Pamela Bartram and Sue and Jim Clifford, BAAF 2013
  • Child Neglect and Behavioural Parent Education, Benny McDaniel and Karola Dillenburger, Russell House 2014
  • The Equal Parent Presumption. Social Justice in the Legal Determination of Parenting after Divorce, Edward Kruk, MQUP 2014



  • Protecting Children and Young People: Child Maltreatment and High Risk Families, Julie Taylor and Anne Lazenbatt, Dunedin 2010
  • Residential Child Care, Graham Connelly and Ian Milligan, Dunedin 2012
  • Preventing Child Deaths, Sharon Vincent, Dunedin 2012
  • Social Work with Fathers, Positive Practice, Gary Clapton, Dunedin 2013
  • Social work with Gypsy, Roma and Traveller children, Daniel Allen and Paul Adams, BAAF 2013
  • Child Protection and Child Welfare, Penelope Welbourne and John Dixon, JKP 2013
  • Assessment in Child Care. Using and developing frameworks for practice, Edited by Martin C Calder and Simon Hackett , RHP 2013