The peer-review process is vital to maintaining and enhancing the professional status of the journal; it helps to ensure objectivity, lack of bias, and ultimately the quality standards now expected in Child Care in Practice publications.

The journal uses ScholarOne Manuscripts (formerly Manuscript Central) to peer review manuscript submissions. The assistant editor will send all invitations to review via the Child Care in Practice ScholarOne site. New reviewers can create an account here.

Comments Directed To The Authors Should Demonstrate That: 

  • You have carefully and thoroughly read the article.

  • Your criticisms are objective, are not merely differences of opinion, and are intended to help the author improve his or her paper.

If in your judgment an article is poorly researched, poorly written, or poorly documented, write a critique that will uncover the weaknesses but also guide the author toward an acceptable revision or to an understanding of why the paper was not accepted.

While reviews are returned to the authors with the reviewer’s anonymity maintained please take into consideration that your comments to the author will be read by the author, the assistant editor, and in the event of conflicting opinions a member of the editorial board.

Finally, if the reviewer is aware that the article is essentially a duplicate or is highly similar to previously published work by different authors, they should immediately bring their concerns to the attention of the assistant editor.

Thank you for giving up your time voluntarily! I have found that most authors genuinely appreciate constructive criticism.

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