Book Reviews

Guidance for Book Reviewers


A book review should provide an overview of contents and an evaluation of a book's relevance. The review should address the main ideas, approaches and interpretations of the author and not merely offer a summary. The review should demonstrate that you have read the book thoroughly and your critique should be based on your own personal knowledge of the subject matter. Both the strengths and weaknesses of the book should be addressed.

Format of the Book Review

Title of the book
Names of authors or editors
Year of publication
Name and complete address of publisher
Number of pages and  ISBN number
Your name, title, organizational affiliation and email address.

Please try and limit your review to 1,000 words.



The following questions may help you complete your review:


What is the purpose of the book?

Who are the intended audience?

Is it interesting and relevant to this audience? 

Does it make a worthwhile contribution to the existing literature?

How is it different or what does it add?

Is it accurate? clear? concise? interesting? well-organized?

Does it flow well? Is it up to date?

Are figures, tables, images and photos worthwhile and appropriate?

Does the author's writing style work well with the material?


I hope these instructions will make it as easy as possible for you to complete your review inside the recommended three-month timescale. If you cannot undertake the review or feel that you need more time to complete it, please inform the assistant editor.


Additionally if you feel you might have any difficulty writing an objective review, please contact the assistant editor immediately. Suggestions of alternative reviewers would be appreciated.


Finally, if the reviewer is aware that the book is essentially a duplicate or is highly similar to previously published work by different authors, they should immediately bring their concerns to the attention of the assistant editor.