Useful Phrases



In reviewing any article it is important to first of all identify the strengths.


So phrases like these allow you to say something positive at the outset:-


"What was really interesting about this article was ------"


"The subject matter of this article will be of considerable relevance to our readership"


"The author's evident knowledge/understanding/interest in this topic was apparent."



Areas that need more work


It is important to convey critique in a positive and empowering way and phases like these might help;-


"The paper could be strengthened by ------"


"Greater attention should be given to evidencing the arguments --------"


"The article would have benefited from examples of ------"


While interesting, the sample size was relatively small to be of significance ------- and a further study may be indicated to ------


When it comes to grammar etc the following phases might be appropriate:-


"The article would have benefited from more careful proof reading and greater attention to grammar"


The article needs considerable work in order to meet the standards for publication in CCIP


The language used needs to be more concise and to the point