Board Members Publishing

Guidelines for Board Members Publishing in Journal


  • Ordinarily, we aim to publish no more than two papers authored by board members in any one issue.
  • Guest editors are not permitted to be lead author in any paper in the edition; however they may be named as a co-author.
  • Editorials will not be written by the lead author of any paper in that edition of the journal. 


Review Process:

  • Upon receipt of a board-authored paper, two reviewers will be selected by the assistant editor. Both reviewers are to be external, i.e. not members of the editorial board.
  • Following first round reviews:

-          If reviewers are in agreement then the review process will continue as normal.

-          If reviewers do not agree, the assistant editor will select a third external reviewer who is an established and experienced in reviewing for the journal.   

-          If disparity between reviews remains, the assistant editor will take the paper to the editorial board for review.  The author is to be absented from all proceedings.  Two officers will be nominated to make a final decision on the paper based on the three existing reviews.