Critical Legal Conference 2013

Gendered (re)constructions

Stream Organisers:
Yvette Russell (Queen’s University Belfast) and Alex Dymock (University of Reading).

This stream invites participants to engage with and in a discussion about the past, present and future of feminist theoretical, critical and constructive projects.  It posits a question for discussion around the efficacy of constructive theorising in feminist theory, its manifestation
in legal and political discourse, and its resolution of the ‘theory/praxis’nexus.  Is the constructive project in feminist theory still relevant?  Does it respond to varied, changing and intersectional concerns?  How can feminist theory make space for these ever-changing concerns?  To what extent is it possible to map on construction to every critical utterance? How does the siren call of law envelop, limit, dictate, support and define the terms of feminist (re)construction? Do the destructive commitments of the ‘anti-social turn’ in queer theory and negative feminism negate any possible relationship with law?

This stream is broadly conceived and we welcome papers that seek to engage with discussion around feminism, sexuality, gender and queer theory. Questions addressed might include but are certainly not limited to the following:

  • The feminist project in an era of alternative modernities
  • Feminist calls for justice that aim to speak through law’s logos
  • The efficacy of queer engagements with liberal rights frameworks
  • Postcolonial and critical race encounters with the feminist project

Please send paper abstracts of 300 words to Yvette Russell ( or Alex Dymock ( before the 15 June 2013 deadline.

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