New CMS Content Types | 7 March, 2018

Two New Content Types Released March 2018

News Item Screenshot - New Content Types

As part of our continuous web development improvement programme, we are pleased to announce the release of two new CMS Content Types

  • News Carousel
  • Image and Text Expander

News Carousel

This new content type provides you with the facility to display 3 or more news headlines at the same time taken from the News page within your site and will then display in rotation any additional headlines

This new content type will replace the current news carousel. It will provide a more dynamic and enhanced content display. Your current News Carousels will remain active but going forward all new News Carousels will use this new content type.

Guidance on the use of the News Carousel content type can be viewed here

Image and Text Expander

This new content type provides you with the facility to display a single image beside text that can be expanded to ‘read more’ if required. You can add this content type multiple times to the same page to create a stackable display, e.g. Staff Roundup.

Guidance on the use of the Image and Text Expander content type can be viewed here

In addition, based on evidence from our ongoing content type audit process, we will retire the following content type from service on Monday 9 March 2018:

  • DTP - One horizontal with colspan
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