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State of the art electron microscope   and optical microscopes like multi photon, confocal, are part of the Advanced imaging core technology unit and allow visualisation of the proteins, lipids, organelle, vesicles, Calcium, Zinc or Na ions in fixed or live cells, tissue or entire animal with resolution between 0.38 nm (fixed tissue with electron microscope) to 100 nm to 200 nm using optical microscopes. Higher temporal resolution (100 images/sec) and higher spatial resolution allow studying of the fast events that take place at the membrane, organelles, viruses, bacteria or synapses.

  • Total Internal Reflection (TIRF), multi photon, confocal , wide field optical fluorescence microscopy together with image processing analysis and 3D deconvolution and  image reconstruction may help to uncover the discrete cellular components or events that take place deep into the tissue or cells and quantify changes in normal and diseased cells, cellular compartments or tissues.
  • Fluorescence lifetime or spectral imaging techniques modules on the multiphoton microscope can add a new dimension of the fluorescence imaging data by mapping the interaction between the environment with the fluorescent proteins or lipids, protein-protein interactions, local pH or viscosity measurements or metabolic activity.
  • Second harmonic generation imaging technique using also multi photon microscope visualise unstained live or fixed tissue, structure and function.



  • Joel JEM 1400 Plus Transmission Electron Microscope
  • Wide-field fluorescence microscopes
    • Leica DM5500 Fluorescence Upright Microscope
    • Nikon AZ100 Multi Zoom upright microscope
    • Nikon 6D Live Cell Imaging inverted Microscope
  • Confocal microscopes
    • Leica SP5 inverted microscope
    • Leica SP8 inverted microscope
    • Nikon C1 inverted microscope
    • Leica TIRF - Total Internal reflection inverted microscope
    • Leica SP8- upright microscope
  • Leica SP8-MP -   Multiphoton excited fluorescence upright microscope
    • Spectral imaging
    • Fluorescence lifetime imaging
  • FLEXSTATION3 – benchtop multi-mode microplate reader


Image Processing and Analysis

  • Leica- LAS X
  • Nikon-NIS-elements
  • FIJI-Image J