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Advanced Informatics

Application Access During the COVID-19 outbreak

The majority of analysis platforms can be accessed directly from home by clicking on the below links. Those that cannot be accessed directly (also shown) will require a VPN connection to the QUB network and the relevant application client installed locally.

Direct Web Access


VPN With Client Required



For assistance with any of the tools please visit the following links to view user guides and documentation: Partek Flow IPA Illumina Basespace Partek Genomics Suite.
All other enquiries:


The Advanced Informatics Core Technology Unit provides access to a comprehensive spectrum of data collection, data management, integration, linkage, exchange, reuse, analytics tools and data modelling expertise. We also: 
  • Identify and implement strategic enhancements to data management so as to realise the vision of a semantic "mind" to provide an ability of actionable intelligence
  • Establish and maintain a comprehensive and systematic research data management framework consisting of an integrative "fabric" of people, policies and technologies.
  • Design, deliver, manage and optimise a suite of software tools that support "lifecycle" management of data resources and consultative needs
  • Identification and support of data needs through the appropriate selection, implementation and management of technology platforms 


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Advanced Informatics
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Advanced Informatics
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Advanced Informatics
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Advanced Informatics
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