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Our mission is to transform medicine, health and life sciences, working locally and globally, through the extraction, sharing and development of knowledge from big data.

For achieving that advanced informatics offers a sociomaterial environment that develops FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable) data.



  • At advanced informatics, we provide knowledge extraction from data consultancy services to meet the highest qualification and standard required by researchers and scientists; covering several aspects including, data management, data integration, data linkage and semantics, upon any special requests.

    Advanced informatics consultancy team is equipped with the sociomaterial skills and knowledge and comes in a few steps:

    1. Approach us and discuss your project.
    2. We work with you to develop a solution design, possibly from our rich collection of existing analysis process, or a custom solution.
    3. We provide the resources and analysis services (in-house big data architecture) to develop the solution and run the analysis.
    4. We then deliver results that are in compliance with industry standard formats. Project completion delivery will be assisted with interpretation on the results.