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Advanced Mass Spectrometry CTU has been equipped with recent instrumentation, encompassing a wide range of analytical capabilities enabling comprehensive analysis tailored to one's research needs. With both liquid and gas chromatography systems in place the Unit can supply resolving power covering analytes of wide range of polarities from nucleic acids and carbohydrates through steroid hormones and fatty acids to halogenated or polyaromatic compounds, supported by a selection of analytical column chemistries.

The Unit also offers a range of mass analyzers and ionisation techniques enabling more flexibility in terms of analytical choices.  Mass analyzers currently available include single (Q) as well as triple quadrupoles (QqQ) suited for screening, and confirmatory analysis of pesticide, drug residues, environmental contaminants or bioactive molecules in complex matrices such as food or clinical samples. High resolution, time of flight (Q-TOF) instruments provide superior mass accuracies suited for biomarker or structural elucidations.

Instruments available within the CTU may be configured to enhance the analysis by adopting more analytes of interest appropriate ionisation technique. Those include classic approaches employed in routine GC and LC analysis as well as ambient mass spectrometry enabling for samples analysis in real-time without the need of sample preparation or long chromatographic separations.