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Bombardier Aerospace

Bombardier Aerospace has a strong aviation heritage and world-class facilities.  Belfast is an integral part of Bombardier Aerospace, the world's third largest civil aircraft manufacturer and global leader in the regional and business aircraft markets.  With some 5,000 employees, it is the largest manufacturing company in Northern Ireland, and one of the largest aerospace companies in the UK . Since 1989, Bombardier has invested £1.2 billion in plant, machinery, facilities, product development and training. It is now a world-class centre of excellence and UK leader in the design and manufacture of fuselages, nacelle systems, flight controls, and fro processes such as advanced composites and computer-aided design/manufacture.  Bombardier Aerospace, Belfast plays a major role in all of Bombardier's families of business and regional aircraft. It also produces aircraft structures and engine nacelles for other international manufacturers. Whole-life product support is provided to airlines which have Belfast-built nacelles, as well as to owners of around 500 Shorts aircraft worldwide.  Committed to delivering innovative aerospace engineering solutions to meet customers' needs, the company has an extensive supply base of some 800 suppliers throughout the UK and Ireland , and is involved in a range of national and European R&D programmes.