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Houchin Aerospace

Houchin Aerospace is one of the foremost names in the manufacture of 400Hz Ground Power Equipment around the world.  The company was originally formed in 1931 in London moving to the present facilities in Ashford in 1958. Houchin currently employ 81 full time staff at the Ashford works.  Houchin Aerospace products can be found in over 100 countries operating for 750 airlines, handling companies, airports and military forces.

With airport expansion worldwide there is an ever increasing demand for Ground Support Equipment.  A recent survey conducted by ITW indicates that the average age of mobile Ground Power Units is 15 years.  With this in mind Houchin are expecting to see a considerable growth in sales over the next few years.

Houchin’s well known Ground Power Units have an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability.  One of the reasons for this is that the major electrical components such as the generators, transformers and transformer-rectifier units are still manufactured in house at the Ashford works.