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The main objectives of the project are to develop and deliver an analysis driven ‘design tool’ for the UK based power generation industry, whose products are used to provide electricity back-up solutions in arenas of domestic use through to hospitals, factories and airports, including aircraft ground start units.  Innovatively, this environmental noise modelling capability will be traded off against the impact on acquisition cost in order to provide more competitive products earlier to market.  The key innovation of this project hinges on the capture and exploitation of expert knowledge, from multiple technical disciplines, under one environment using numerical modelling techniques, empirical algorithms, industrial manufacturing cost data modelling, and experimentation for evaluation and next stage design data generation. This will provide engineers with a tangible environment from which to synthetically design inherently cluttered enclosed generator sets, meeting lead-time, competitive cost targets and noise legislative targets. It will also increase the amount of investment into R&D in the UK as the consortium seeks to build upon this technology, which could be further used as a spill-over into various other sectors such as the rail, aerospace, marine, automotive and construction industry. The Lead Partner FG Wilson (Engineering) Ltd, who produce in excess of 1500 generator sets per week, will manage the project and provide access to their state-of-the-art, "Acoustic Centre of Excellence", testing facilities, namely the largest hemi-anechoic and reverberation chamber in the UK.

Several work packages have been developed in line with the TSB requirements to ensure effective and timely deliverables on the project.