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A Novel Superhydrophobic Coating Technology

A Novel Superhydrophobic Coating Technology

Researchers at QUB have invented a unique and innovative method for producing superhydrophobic coated surfaces to impart robust and long lasting water repellency on a wide range of surfaces



  • Simple and cheap process Surfaces imparted with a very high degree of superhyrophobicity.
  • Coating properties can be adjusted to achieve a range of superhydrophobic.
  • Wide range of applications including Anti- biofouling, Drag Reduction and Water Repellency


Current techniques to prepare superhydrophobic surfaces involve either multi-step procedures and harsh conditions or specialized reagents and equipment. Most of the methods are expensive and only applicable to small, flat surfaces or specific materials.


Researchers at QUB have invented a unique and innovative method for producing superhydrophobic coated surfaces to impart robust and long lasting water repellency on a wide range of surfaces. The superhydrophobic coating can be applied to a wide variety of substrates and is not limited to small areas or flat surfaces.

Market Opportunity

Superhydrophobic coating have a wide range of applications including

  • Anti-biofouling - the marine, medical, industrial and domestic markets.
  • Drag reduction – marine, industrial domestic markets.
  • Water Repellency – breathable professional/athletic sports and swim wear, military, leisure - sports wear.


Steven Bell, Iain Larmour and Charles Saunders

Patent Status

This technology is the subject of an international patent application with International Publication Number WO2008035045


Project part financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the European Sustainable Competitiveness Programme for Northern Ireland.


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