Canadian Canoe Canadian Canoe Belfast Metropolitan College
BMC has designed and manufactured an 18ft Canadian canoe. This canoe was manufactured using the wet lay-up process with fiberglass reinforcement and a polyester resin. An old canoe was gratefully rece... more >>
Bioresorbable polymers Bioresorbable polymers Queen's University Belfast
Researchers at QUB have developed a process to control and optimise the degradation behaviour of bio- resorbable medical devices Bioresorbable polymers are set to play a major role in the future devel... more >>
Enhanced uPVC processing using supercritical CO2 Enhanced uPVC processing using supercritical CO2 Queen's University Belfast
uPVC is inherently viscous and processing it requires high pressures and temperatures – which in turn demands significant energy consumption.  Also because it is thermally unstable, process... more >>