Technical Services

Centre for Nanostructured Media Centre for Nanostructured Media Queen's University Belfast
The Centre for Nanostructured Media in Queen's is one of the universities most prestigious research centres. We undertake a variety of different areas of research, which can include individual pro... more >>
Composites Composites Belfast Metropolitan College
“A composite is any material in which two or more separate materials are combined to make a single entity, producing an entity with more desirable properties than the individual materials.&rdquo... more >>
Medical Polymers Research Institute Medical Polymers Research Institute Queen's University Belfast
Medical Polymers Research Institute The Medical Polymers Research Institute (MPRI) was established in 2002 to complement the work being undertaken in the PPRC and concentrates on the development of ne... more >>
Polymers – Polymer Processing Research Centre Polymers – Polymer Processing Research Centre Queen's University Belfast
Polymers Research Cluster undertakes leading edge multidisciplinary research into the processing, modelling and development of high performance polymeric materials, including their use in medical appl... more >>
Aerospace - Integrated Aircraft Technologies Aerospace - Integrated Aircraft Technologies Queen's University Belfast
Modelling of Buckling and Collapse in Composite Panels. At present composites are prevalent in secondary structure of commercial aircraft but are now poised to have a much more dominant role with both... more >>