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Research undertaken in this field targets new event-centric computing paradigm which records and processes events, captured by a heterogeneous sensor network, as individuals enter a space and move through it. During the last decade, there has been massive investment in CCTV technology in the UK. For this technology to be effective, CCTV has to become active by alerting security analysts in real-time so that they can prevent the undesirable behaviour. Such a quantum leap in capability will greatly increase the likelihood of offenders being caught, a major factor in crime prevention. Intelligent surveillance systems must be capable of tracking a person over a heterogeneous sensor network, provide robust sensor analytics for event recognition and facilitate features for complex event management.

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Person Tracking in 3D
  • Combined long range RFID (LRRFID)/video sensor
  • 3D video features and combined feature representations
  • Learning models, optimised for online person verification
  • Event Recognition, Search and Retrieval
  • Unique video database consisting of bus events
  • Finite state machine approaches for robust event recognition
  • Event mining
  • Event Management Platform
  • Event structure to represent heterogeneous information from multiple sources
  • Fusion algorithms that combine uncertain information for meaningful conclusions
  • Multi-agent system combining abnormal event detection from different agents


Centre for Secure Information Technologies (CSIT), Queen's University Belfast

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