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The QUESTOR Centre

The QUESTOR Centre


The QUESTOR Centre at Queen’s University Belfast is an industry/University Co-operative Research Centre for environmental research and development.

QUESTOR is an international multi-university Centre; Queen’s University Belfast is the lead partner and other current academic partners are Dublin City University, The Stevens Institute of Technology (US), Dalhousie University (Canada), The University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany) and IWW – The North Rhine-Westphalia Institute for Water Research (Germany).

The Centre carries out a multi-disciplinary environmental research programme on behalf of a fee-paying membership that includes industry (both multi-nationals and smaller local companies), government agencies and local councils.

Research topics address the needs of the membership and include water and wastewater treatment, remediation of contaminated land, environmental monitoring and analysis, resource management and renewable energy. Each member company/organisation is represented on the QUESTOR Industrial Advisory Board (IAB).

The Industrial Advisory Board is an integral part of management of the Centre with responsibility for research direction and for ensuring the relevance of the research programme.

The QUESTOR Centre also carries out a very successful knowledge/technology transfer programme with member companies to ensure that the results from the research programme can be exploited commercially

Area(s) of Expertise

The QUESTOR network gives your organisation access to some of the most advanced research facilities available worldwide.  The key research themes are Water and Energy and QUESTOR's carefully selected partner institutions have leading international expertise in the following key areas:

  • Remediation technologies (water, soil, air)
  • Water / wastewater treatment processes (biological, chemical, physical, thermal, plasma)
  • Environmental genomics
  • Environmental monitoring and analysis
  • Waste management and recycling
  • Environmental modelling (emissions, odour, noise, dust, air quality)
  • Pollution prevention ('Green chemistry')
  • Environmental communication
  • Energy from Biomass


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Project Funding

We have access to a range of potential funding mechanisms to support your business collaborate with this project including

ktp Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are based on partnerships between academic groups and companies who need access to skills and knowledge in order to innovate. The academic and industrial partners jointly devise and manage a two or three year programme to achieve the advances the company needs. This programme of work is carried out in the company by a KTP Associate and the resulting relationship can be very challenging and rewarding to all parties
4k-vouchers Innovation Vouchers are designed to enable small Northern Ireland enterprises to access knowledge and expertise to develop innovative solutions to business issues. The programme provides a voucher of up to £4000 to enable small enterprises to engage with one of the 41 universities, colleges and other publicly funded research organisations throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
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