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QUESTOR ATU is a unique, not for profit organisation that exists to serve companies like yours. Its multi-disciplined team of experienced and professional environmental engineers and scientists are there to help you with your company's environmental projects.

The unit delivers a professional monitoring service that includes on-site monitoring and environmental analysis. Companies can obtain a wide range of expert advice and practical assistance from the units experienced team who keep abreast of the very latest technological and regulatory developments. QUESTOR ATU also has a track record of working with Irish and UK and European companies helping them to deliver new innovative environmental products to the market.

Area(s) of Expertise

  • Environmental monitoring with results interpretation and support
  • World class environmental product and process development
  • Completely impartial, user friendly technical support and assistance with environmental projects, large and small
  • The staff of the applied technology unit have a good track record of securing funding for clients for new product development work.


We will discuss your monitoring requirements and provide no obligation quotations

We will undertake flow and compositional monitoring on-site or test samples as delivered

We will be there to discuss results and assist with interpretation and

We will provide completely impartial advice on the best way forward for your company

Demonstrate compliance

Pre-upgrade and replacement works load monitoring

Commissioning phase monitoring

Trouble shooting existing systems

Materials and sludge/soil testing

If you want more for your money than just sample analysis contact QUESTOR ATU for a no obligations quotation.



The Applied Technology Unit at QUESTOR provides a broad range of environmental services to support its client companies and organisations. These services include:

Guidance with legislative compliance (Wastewater consents, IPPC etc)

Water/wastewater monitoring; sampling, analysis, flow measurement, soil testing

Site audits for water, wastewater and waste minimisation

Specialist environmental product and process development

Provision of specialist process expertise 

  • environmental biotechnology,
  • renewable energies,
  • waste to energy projects,
  • wastewater treatment,
  • water treatment value added products from waste and low value materials

Customised and one-to-one training

Assistance with securing funding for environmental projects


QUESTOR ATU is helping environmental companies throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe to become more profitable and competitive through innovation in new product development. 

QUESTOR ATU's team of scientists and engineers have more than 16 years of experience and amongst the best facilities for new product development in Europe. Our satisfied clients range from small local companies and single handed entrepreneurs through to large multinationals. Join some of Europe's most innovative and successful environmental companies and fast track your new environmental products from concept to the market place with QUESTOR ATU.

Diversify into new markets

International technology searching/license in/out

New product development

Differentiate your products

Product improvements Next generation products

Independent performance validation

Validation to national and international standards Optimisation of performance

New markets from waste materials

Value added products derived from wastes


Queen's University Belfast

Project Funding

We have access to a range of potential funding mechanisms to support your business collaborate with this project including

ktp Knowledge Transfer Partnerships are based on partnerships between academic groups and companies who need access to skills and knowledge in order to innovate. The academic and industrial partners jointly devise and manage a two or three year programme to achieve the advances the company needs. This programme of work is carried out in the company by a KTP Associate and the resulting relationship can be very challenging and rewarding to all parties
4k-vouchers Innovation Vouchers are designed to enable small Northern Ireland enterprises to access knowledge and expertise to develop innovative solutions to business issues. The programme provides a voucher of up to £4000 to enable small enterprises to engage with one of the 41 universities, colleges and other publicly funded research organisations throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland
If you are interest and would like to find out more including potential funding mechanisms, please complete your details below