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The GigaRadio project undertakes research into technologies for wireless high speed data transfer between devices at 60GHz. Each of the project participants has complementary capability within different elements of wireless transceiver design. ECIT is a recognised leader in microwave front-end circuit design and antenna design. Infineon is a recognised pioneer in novel semiconductor materials, devices and packaging for wireless communications. DecaWave has extensive knowledge of the baseband and Media Access Control (MAC) architectures of short range wireless communication systems and is an active participant in the standards activity for 60GHz Wireless Personal Area Networks (WPANs). The combined capability of the participants represents significant synergy in the field of 60GHz transceiver design and this will be reinforced through the secondments of staff between the industrial and academic partners.

The research and development activities will deliver novel front-end technologies which will be commercialised by the industrial partners. These technologies will enable the widespread adoption of high data rate communication at 60 GHz and with an initial application focus on domestic distribution of uncompressed High Definition (HD) video content. The four year project will expend 126 researcher months and will involve staff exchanges between the partners. Each partner brings different technical capabilities to the project and through secondments we anticipate significant knowledge transfer to take place. The 60GHz wireless communications arena will generate significant commercial opportunities. Major consumer electronic companies are already including LCD TVs with wireless video capability. The two industrial partners in the project will take the lead in transitioning the solutions developed in the project to semiconductor and consumer electronics end customers. The GigaRadio project has the potential to develop a cluster of novel and world-leading capability in next generation, short range wireless communications.

 The primary technical output from GigaRadio will be a pre-commercial 60GHz transceiver system demonstrating short range wireless communication at 3Gbps.

 For further inquiries regarding GigaRadio, please contact Professor Vincent Fusco