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GradFest 2021 Podcasts

GradFest 2021 Podcasts
A podcast series from Careers, Employability and Skills

Gradfest2021 Podcast series

We are giving you even more ways to access great careers advice directly from employers.

If you missed any of our recent Gradfest2021 Instagram Lives, you can stream them now on our podcast.

Gradfest2021: Sell Your Vision Podcast

Your student host Claire Mulligan spoke with Courtney Ward from Randox to talk about the importance of commercial understanding and a big-picture focus of the challenges an employer is facing.

Listen to Sell Your Vision on Spotify

Gradfest2021: Thinking Laterally and Creativity

Your student host Pallavi Parab spoke with Leona McGirr of Fusion Antibodies to talk about the importance of thinking laterally. Problem-solving abilities are essential in virtually any graduate role. Employers will want to know you can think strategically to tackle challenges and that you can use creative thinking to develop innovative solutions.

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Gradfest2021: The Office of the Future podcast

Your student host Róise Pelan chats with Dermot Murray from Version 1 to talk about the importance of understanding workplace tech. Even outside the tech sector, many roles require an enthusiasm to embrace innovation to maximise performance

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Gradfest2021: Future Leaders Podcast

Your student host Rebecca Dillon chats live with Viktorija Mikalauskaite from FinTru to talk about leadership. The mark of a leader is getting true buy-in from colleagues, clients and bosses. It involves good communication, persuasion and negotiation – but ultimately, it’s about selling your vision for the future. When it comes to being an effective communicator, employers will want to know you can listen in a group to get the best out of people.

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Gradfest2021: Workplace Culture

Our student host Edward Ferrin chats with Rebecca Sinclair of EY about the importance of emotional resilience. In the global graduate job market, employers value cross-cultural sensitivity and emotional intelligence. Rebecca shared some great insights and personal experiences - and top tips to help you nail that all-important graduate role.

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Gradfest2021 Employer Panel Podcast

Our Host Lauren Watt will welcome Chloe McKee from Randox, Jack McKeown from EY, Declan Lupari from Graham and Karl Webb from our Employer Engagement Team at Queen's University to answer students' questions and provide tops tips on navigating the graduate recruitment process.

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Gradfest2021 Ask the Employer Podcast

Do you have any unanswered jobhunting questions or eager to learn more about how to secure your dream job after graduating? Tune in to this interactive Q&A episode, featuring John Maguire from FinTrU and Graham Ryan from Version 1, which is hosted by one of our student hosts, Lauren Watt

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