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Career Resources

 A six-week virtual festival of live streamed events, interactive content and online resources.

Help with your job search

From using LinkedIn proactively to nailing a strength-based interview, we have curated the below videos and blog post to guide you through the recruitment process.

Quick-fire video tutorials
Using LinkedIn Effectively

LinkedIn is a great tool for building your professional networks, finding jobs, researching companies and viewing the paths of Queen’s alumni to help you understand your options. In this short video, Careers Consultant Patricia Durkin guides you through the Do’s and Dont’s of LinkedIn.

Top nine tricky interview questions

Competency based interviews look at what you can already do, strength based interviews look at what you are capable of doing in the future. Careers Consultant Terry O’Hanlon explains the difference and provides helpful advice on preparing for and answering both types of question.

How to write an effective CV

There is no perfect standard for CVs. Everyone who looks at them regularly will have a different opinion on what they prefer, however there are some common principles. Careers Consultant Diane Masson provides an insight into how to make your CV work for you.

Tips for online interviews

Online interview are happening now more than ever and Employers may continue this practice beyond COVID 19 restrictions. Careers Consultant Mary McLaughlin talks you through important tips for preparing for and executing a successful interview online.

Make the most of Lockdown: Develop your skills

Restrictions due to COVID 19 may mean you have more time on your hands, which presents a perfect opportunity to dedicate time to developing those all-important employability skills. Careers Consultant Emma Lennox explains how you can make the most of your time and invest in yourself both now and for the future.

TARGETjobs - Contacting recruiters and getting employed

How many people have you contacted on LinkedIn lately? What’s the best way to reach out with a speculative application? How best can you contact an employer, whether stranded at home with a laptop or face to face? We’re here to answer these questions and more!