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Revisit Gradfest 2020

Highly Commended at the AHECS Awards - Strategic Innovation Category

GradFest 2020 Webinars

Missed out on the Live Event - Don't worry, we have you covered - you can watch the Webinars below.

Ace an Online Interview or Assessment Centre

Hiring from a distance is nothing new, but virtual recruitment has ramped up amid the COVID-19 pandemic with many group assessments and interviews now taking place over Zoom or Teams. From webcam tricks that can master the illusion of eye contact to avoiding novelty backgrounds, our employer offers top tips on getting hired remotely.

Adapting to the changing world of work

The world around us is changing – fast - and workplaces are adapting to tackle new challenges and maximise new opportunities. Our range of diverse employers' from throughout Northern Ireland offer valuable insight on embracing change, evolving roles and upskilling to standout in the 2020 job market.

Thinking about your next step?

Not sure if postgraduate study is right for you? Hear from our faculties on why a Master’s or PhD could allow you to pursue your passion, develop key skills and boost your earning power.

Use the Virtual Environment to enhance your career

Building your online brand matters now more than ever. Find out how to improve your employability and build your profile online to show off your best digital self through social media platforms. Learn why you should treat your profile pic and online bio like a virtual CV, unlock the networking power of LinkedIn and discover the posting habits that can blacklist you with bosses.

What I wish I’d known before graduation

Swapping the campus bubble for the boardroom can be daunting. Recent Queen’s graduates offer advice on navigating the transition from university to the world of work, sharing the valuable lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Career Networking Evening with Queen's Alumni Guest Speakers

An opportunity to network with experienced and influential Queen’s alumni and hear inspirational stories about their personal career journeys in the UK and internationally. Find out how the COVID 19 crisis is affecting graduate recruitment and the importance of staying positive and adapting to change in the current graduate labour market.