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Beyond Your Research Degree


Beyond Your Research Degree

What comes next?

Using your transferable skills

It is tempting to assume that after 3 - 4 years of intense study, the holder of a doctorate should be able to walk into a job of their choosing. However, the job market can be competitive. Whether you wish to pursue a career within or beyond academia. Therefore you need to ensure that you do everything you can throughout your research project to enhance your employability. For roles beyond academia it is important that you recognise, emphasise and enhance the transferability of the skills you gain within the academic environment. Within academia, universities are seeking more from prospective employees and with a PhD increasingly seen as a minimum requirement for posts in higher education, universities are looking for candidates who have gained an array of additional personal, professional and academic skills. Successful completion of your PhD is testimony to your skill and ability as a researcher. This strand on ‘Beyond Your Research Degree’ aims to help you consider development of relevant skillset for your career beyond the research degree. By attaining these skills and providing examples of how you utilise them in all areas of work, you can help potential employers to recognise the contribution you can make to their workplace. 


Developing Transferable Skills