International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures
International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures

About Us


IASIL was founded in 1969, with the chartered aims of:

  • Promoting the teaching and study of Irish literature in third-level education throughout the world.
  • Facilitating international contact between scholars researching in the field of Irish Literary Studies.
  • Serving as a vehicle for bringing Irish writing to a wider audience throughout the world.

History, Remit, Conferences, and more:

IASIL is an international association of students, teachers, scholars, and enthusiasts of Irish literature in English and in Irish.

Formerly called the International Association for the Study of Anglo-Irish Literature (IASAIL), IASIL altered its name in 1998 to reflect
the diversity of its members' interest in all traditions of writing on the island in Irish and English, as well as in Irish literature in Britain, America and elsewhere.

IASIL counts many distinguished literary critics among its members and keenly supports interdisciplinary studies. The Association shares
fully in the current enthusiasm for Irish work in the performing arts and regularly includes readings by living authors as well as Irish music and
theatre events in its calendar. IASIL especially welcomes the growth in Irish studies worldwide. IASIL currently has almost 1,000 members internationally.  IASIL maintains fraternal links with other Irish-studies associations such as ACIS, CAIS, SOFEIR, EFACIS and with Irish-studies centres everywhere.

Central to the activities of IASIL are the annual conferences. These are held in Ireland once every three years and hosted in other years throughout the world. The inaugural conference of the Association was held at Trinity College, Dublin in 1970. Subsequent conferences have been held throughout Ireland, in University College, Galway; St. Patrick's College, Maynooth; University College, Dublin; Queen's College, Belfast; University of Ulster, Coleraine; University College, Cork, Limerick University and Dublin City University/St Patrick’s College Drumcondra. Conferences have also been held throughout the world, in such countries as Germany, Austria, Sweden, France, Japan, Egypt, Brazil, Spain, Hungary and the United States.

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