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International Union of Pure & Applied Physics


International Scientific Committee

Ursel Fantz (Chair), Germany

Nick Braithwaite (Secretary), United Kingdom

Annemie Bogaerts, Belgium

Rod Boswell, Australia

Laifa Boufendi, France

Domenico Bruno, Italy

Gary Eden, US

Masaru Hori, Japan

Poul Michelsen, Denmark

Gheorge Popa, Romania

Yi Kang Pu, China

Milan Simek, Czech Republic

Andrey Starostin, Russia

Jaime de Urquijo, Mexico

Local Organising Committee

Timo Gans (Chair), University of York

Deborah O’Connell (co-Chair), University of York

Bill Graham (co-Chair), Queen’s University Belfast

Tom Field, Queen’s University Belfast

Yannis Kourakis, Queen’s University Belfast

Paul Maguire, University of Ulster

Charlie Mahony, University of Ulster

Tomo Murakami, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Kari Niemi, Queen’s University Belfast

Dave Riley, Queen’s University Belfast