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International Union of Pure & Applied Physics

Scientific Programme

The ICPIG covers nearly all aspects of phenomena in ionized gases. It explores the fundamentals of all kinds of plasmas, electrical discharges and their applications, such as plasma semiconductor processing, surface treatment and thin film technology, plasma medicine, environmental protection and pollution control, light sources and gaseous lasers, atmospheric and astrophysical plasmas and low temperature edge fusion plasmas. 

The scientific programme consist of 11 invited general lectures and 22 invited topical talks together with lectures from the winners of the von Engel & Franklin Prize and the IUPAP Young Scientist Medal and Prize in Plasma Physics; there are also two workshops and poster presentations.

The Wednesday (31st August) afternoon (14:00 - 17:30) of the conference is dedicated to two specialised workshops::

  • Plasmas and nanostructured media
  • Laser produced plasmas

The workshops run in parallel and the programme includes invited speakers as well as oral contributions selected from the submitted abstracts.

Details of the programme can be found in the ICPIG Booklet and the final timetable is also provided below.

ICPIG Booklet (pdf)