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Travel & Visas


Belfast has two airports, Belfast International Airport and Belfast City Airport.

Belfast City Airport is about 15 minutes from the conference venue and well linked to all major UK airports.
Buses to city centre cost £3.00 for a return.
Taxis cost approximately £8.00.

Belfast International Airport is about 35 minutes from the city centre and can be reached by bus or taxi.
Single bus fare is £7.00 and return £10.00.
Taxi is approximately £35.00.

Dublin Airport is also convenient and very well connected by direct bus to Belfast, about 2 hour journey time. Please note visa requirements below.


Northern Ireland is part of the UK (the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland). It shares the island with the Republic of Ireland (or simply Ireland), but Northern Ireland and Ireland are different countries.

If you plan to fly to Belfast directly or travel through Great Britain (e.g., through London), you may need a UK visa.

If you require a visa to visit the UK, and you plan to travel to Belfast via Dublin or visit the Republic of Ireland from Belfast, then you will likely also need a separate visa for the Republic of Ireland.

Note that while both the UK and Ireland are members of the EU, neither are in the Schengen area. One cannot visit these countries with a Schengen visa alone.

Letters of Invitation

Letters of invitation for XXX ICPIG 2011 may be requested from icpig2011@qub.ac.uk. Letters will only be issued to confirmed invited speakers or participants with an accepted abstract who have paid the registration fee. In the latter case, a letter can only be issued after 23rd May 2011. If requesting a letter, please make it clear whether an electronic or hard copy, or both, are required.