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General Invited Lectures

GEN-099 Global models of microdischarges
P. Chabert

GEN-500 Micro hollow cathode discharge: Si deposition
M. Shiratani

GEN-299 Interaction of High Pressure Plasmas with their Boundaries: Channels, Tubes, Liquids and Tissue
M. J. Kushner

GEN-501 Atmospheric (re-)entry plasmas: modelling gas flows during space (re-)entry flights
G. Degrez

GEN-502 Chemical plasmas for pretreatment of lignocellulosic materials aiming fermentable free sugars: Quest for important cross section data
M. A. P. Lima

GEN-406 Plasma aided gasification of biomass, organic waste and plastics
M. Hrabovsky

GEN-503 Renewable energy storage in chemical fuels for CO2 neutral energy generation: a new challenge for plasma science
R. van de Sanden

GEN-504 Plasma dynamics and life sciences
K.-D. Weltmann

GEN-505 Fundamentals and New Directions in Plasma Medicine: Roles of Reactive Species
D. Graves

GEN-411 Gas breakdown, from Townsend discharges to atmospheric pressure jets
Z.Lj. Petrovic

IUPAP Young Scientist Medal and Prize

AW1-413 Ponderomotive forces and wave dispersion: two sides of the same coin
I. Y. Dodin

von Engel & Franklin Prize

AW2-506 von Engel & Franklin Prize Lecture
A. Bouchoule

Topical Invited Talks

TOP-357 Atmospheric pressure plasmas: Generation and delivery of reactive oxygen species for biomedical applications
F. Iza

TOP-112 Nanostructured and nanocomposite films deposited by means of gas aggregation cluster source
H. Biederman

TOP-274 Structures and operation modes of microplasma discharges
V. Schulz-von der Gathen

TOP-419 The role of negative ions for the formation of dust particles
J. Berndt

TOP-405 Characteristics of atmospheric pressure plasmas at different driving frequency in the low to radio frequency range
W. Choe

TOP-507 Effects of submicron dust particles in plasmas
S. Ratynskaia

TOP-142 Two dimensional laser-collision induced fluorescence measurements in low pressure plasmas
E. V. Barnat

TOP-508 Improving Efficacy of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Flat Lamp
P. Belenguer

TOP-509 Turbulence measurements by collective Thomson scattering in cross-field discharges
S. Tsikata

TOP-402 One Step Multifunctional Micropatterning of Surfaces Using Asymmetric Glow Discharge Plasma Polymerisation
B. T. Gengenbach

TOP-030 Determination of the electron energy distribution functions in the low-pressure gas-mixture discharges by using an OES line-ratio method and a collisional-radiative model of argon and krypton
X. M. Zhu

TOP-119 Triboplasma: generation, characterization and application for surface modification
S. V. Singh

TOP-088 Three-dimensional modelling of the arc and weld pool in arc welding
A. B. Murphy

TOP-510 Similarity laws in pair plasma dynamics
D. A. Diver

TOP-511 Plasma Spray Coating of Ceramics by CO2/CH4 Plasma
J. Mostaghimi

TOP-102 Dynamic open-access website for collecting, displaying and downloading ""ELECtron SCATtering""
S. Pancheshnyi

TOP-148 Behavior of High-Energy Oxygen Negative Ions in a RF Magnetron Plasma
H. Toyoda

TOP-120 Modeling of Electrical Discharges in the Upper Atmosphere: Realistic Models with Altitude-Dependent Parameters
A. Luque

TOP-215 Hybrid Model of Capacitively Coupled Plasmas in H2
P. Diomede

TOP-251 Experiments on how photo- and background ionization affect positive streamers: oxygen concentration, repetition and radioactivity
S. Nijdam

TOP-512 Plasma behaviour in HiPIMS versus conventional magnetron discharge
T. Minea

TOP-064 Modelling of pulsed and afterglow plasmas in air
C. D. Pintassilgo

Workshop on Plasma Nano-Fabrication

WS1-514 Challenges of plasma nano-fabrication in the semi-conductor industry
N. Macgearailt

WS1-045 Role of plasma ions in controlling nano-crystalline phases in nitrogen-doped TiO2
R. Boswell

WS1-340 Cu nanoclusters prepared by magnetron based gas aggregation technique - effect of magnetic field configuration
A. Marek

WS1-107 Simulating PECVD growth of carbon nanotubes on the atomic level
E. Neyts

WS1-092 RF dusty plasmas in which nanoparticles nucleate and grow: comparison of numerical simulations and experiments
S. L. Girshick

WS1-084 Nanorod formation in a atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier Townsend discharge using N2-C2H4-H2
C. Sarra-Bournet

WS1-458 Microplasma-induced non-equilibrium liquid chemistry (MiNE-LC): synthesis and surface engineering of nanomaterials
D. Mariotti

Workshop on Laser Produced Plasmas

WS2-515 Comparing laser generated and electrical plasmas
D. Riley

WS2-516 Laser produced plasmas in gases – from early to late phases
L. Hüwel

WS2-517 Plume dynamics in femtosecond laser ablation of metals
J. G. Lunney

WS2-285 Time and space resolved spectroscopic characterization of a laser carbon plasma plume in argon background
M. Favre

WS2-518 Ionization Processes in Intense EUV, X-ray and IR Laser Fields
J. T. Costello

WS2-519 Laser-plasmas as an astrophysical laboratory
C. Murphy

WS2-520 High-energy ions from laser-matter interactions: state of the art and perspectives for biomedical applications
M. Borghesi

Posters (A1) Elementary processes and fundamental data

A1-196 Experimental study of bromoform plasmas
R. Barni , S. Zanini, C. Riccardi

A1-275 Nanosecond pulsed Laser Induced Fluorescence: a powerful tool to probe atomic and molecular plasmas kinetics
E. A. D. Carbone, J. M. Palomares, S. Hübner, J. J. A. M. van der Mullen

A1-006 A simplified monochromatisation - effect kinetic model in Penning gas mixtures
L. C. Ciobotaru

A1-417 Mobility of negative ions of H2O in H2O, Ar and N2
G. Ruiz-Vargas, J. de Urquijo

A1-418 On the relative importance of electron detachment and ion-molecule reactions in SF6 under swarm conditions
A. Bekstein, J. C. Rodríguez-Luna, O. Ducasse, J. de Urquijo

A1-308 Electron Attachment to Fluorocarbon radicals
T. A. Field, K. Graupner, S. Haughey + some others

A1-403 Critical evaluation of recent Cl2 electron impact cross sections
J. Gregorio, L. C. Pitchford

A1-294 Chemical kinetics of a radio-frequency driven atmospheric-pressure helium-oxygen plasma in humid air
T. Murakami, K. Niemi, T. Gans, D. O’Connell, W. G. Graham

A1-305 Negative ion mobility of O2-, O3- and O- in at atmospheric pressure
Y. Okuyama, B. Y. Yazawa, S. Suzuki, D. H. Itoh

A1-019 Decomposition of acetaldehyde in atmospheric pressure filamentary nitrogen plasma
O. Koeta, W. Faider, N. Blin-Simiand, S. Pasquiers, A. Bary, F. Jorand

A1-090 Negative ion evolution and formation in atmospheric pressure corona discharges between point-to-plane electrodes
K. Sekimoto, M. Takayama

A1-097 Collisional Quenching Rate Coefficient of N2(A3Σ+u) by o-xylene and Influence of Xylene By-products Attached to Electrode Surface
S. Suzuki, H. Itoh

A1-321 Time dependent electron behaviors calculated by PT-FTI method
A. Takeda, N. Ikuta

A1-236 Enhanced metastable population through evaporation cooling and recombination in the argon afterglow
Y. Celik, Ts. V. Tsankov, M. Aramaki, Sh. Yoshimura, D.

Posters (A2) Thermodynamics and transport phenomena

A2-272 Nonambipolarity of electron fluxes in 2D unmagnetized plasma
E. A. Bogdanov, A. S. Chirtsov, A. A. Kudryavtsev

A2-243 Modeling particle energy distribution functions in Ar/H2 discharge
V. Stojanovic, Ž. Nikitovic, Z. Lj. Petrovic

A2-159 Monte Carlo simulation of electron transport under quadrupole magnetic field and radio-frequency electric field
H. Sugawara

A2-428 Study of fast electron propagation in high density plasma
X. H. Yang, M. Borghesi, B. Qiao, M. Geissler, A. P. L. Robinson

Posters (A3) Plasma wall interactions, electrode and surface effects

A3-269 Unipolar arcing at fusion devices first wall with advanced surface under transient plasma power loads
S. A. Barengolts, G. A. Mesyats, M. M. Tsventoukh

A3-048 Secondary electron emission due to Auger de-excitation of metastable nitrogen molecules at metallic surfaces
J. Marbach, F. X. Bronold, H. Fehske

A3-276 Turbulence of magnetized plasma column at a floating and current-driving target surface in Pilot-PSI
L. Sirghi, C. Costin, V. Anita, M. L. Solomon, G. Popa, M. van de Pol, R. S. Al, J. Rapp

A3-456 Modeling heterogeneous atomic recombination and molecule conversion
V. Guerra, D. Marinov, O. Guaitella, C. D. Pintassilgo, M. Hübner, J. Röpcke, A. Rousseau

A3-096 Saturation of the floating potential with increasing electron emission: PIC simulation and kinetic model
T. Gyergyek, J. Kovacic, M. Cercek

A3-010 Electronic physisorption at plasma walls
R. L. Heinisch, F. X. Bronold and H. Fehske

A3-128 Tungsten Erosion by the Initiation of Unipolar Arcs in Nuclear Fusion Devices
S. Kajita, N. Ohno, N. Yoshida, S. Takamura

A3-168 Reaction coefficient of molecular fluorine at wall coated with amorphous silicon: preliminary results
G. F. Leu, A. Sublet, P. Grünenfelder, T. v. Braucke, P. Modrzynski

A3-336 Adsorption and reactivity of nitrogen atoms on quartz surface under plasma exposure
D. Marinov, O. Guaitella, T. de los Arcos, A. von Keudell, A. Rousseau

A3-360 C2H2 oxidation by oxygen atoms adsorbed on plasma pretreated TiO2
D. Marinov, D. Lopatik, M. Hübner, O. Guaitella, J. Röpcke, A. Rousseau

A3-032 Kinetic model of the cathode attachment zone of constricted high current vacuum arcs
D. L. Shmelev, T. Delachaux

A3-017 Emission Parameters of the Cathode Spot Plasma During the Metal-to-Plasma Transition
I. V. Uimanov

Posters (A4) Collective and nonlinear phenomena

A4-446 Characterization of laser excited shock waves in tenuous plasma
H. Ahmed, D. Doria, L. Romagnani, E. Ianni, R. Prasad, M. Cerchez, A. L. Lindemann, G. Sarri, K. Quinn, O. Willi, I. Kourakis, M. Borghesi

A4-437 Predicting formation of self-organized patterns of cathodic spots in dc glow microdischarges in argon and helium
P. G. C. Almeida, M. S. Benilov, M. J. Faria

A4-207 Current-Voltage characteristics of nonharmonicall modulated plasma boundary sheaths
A. E. T. Elgendy, D. Eremin , T. Mussenbrock , R.-P. Brinkmann

A4-451 Charge-voltage characteristics of nonharmonically modulated plasma boundary sheaths
A. T. Elgendy, D. Eremin, T. Mussenbrock, R. P. Brinkmann

A4-246 Electron heating by optical field ionization in the oxygen background gas
K. Basereh, E. Eslami

A4-369 Mathematical modelling of stability of 1D and 2D DC glow discharges with the use of COMSOL Multiphysics
P. G. C. Almeida, M. S. Benilov, and M. J. Faria

A4-328 Strip-like plasma drift in a magnetized RF discharge
D. Gerst, M. Cirisan, S. Mazouffre

A4-352 Fast ions and plasma jets Driven by Intense Laser Radiation Pressure
K. F. Kakolee, S. Kar, D. Doria, B. Qiao, B. Ramakrishna, G. Sarri, K. Quinn, M. Zepf, X. Yuan, P. McKenna, M. Cerchez, J. Osterlholz, O. Willi, A. Macchi, M. Borghesi

A4-425 Modelling of ion-acoustic shocks in superthermal plasmas
S. Sultana, G. Sarri, I. Kourakis

A4-345 Effect of flow and thermal conduction on the damping of slow MHD waves
N. Kumar, A. Kumar

A4-415 Numerical Studies of Electronegative Plasma Instabilities
E. Kawamura, A. J. Lichtenberg, M. A. Lieberman

A4-247 On the anodic current oscillations in Constricted hollow anode plasma source
M. A. Mujawar, S. K. Karkari, M. M. Turner

A4-347 Bicoherence in the magnetised plasma of the Thorello device
C. Riccardi, L. Fattorini, R. Barni

A4-404 Spatially resolved measurements of laser filamentation in conditions of relevance to Inertial Confinement Fusion
G. Sarri, C. A. Cecchetti, R. Jung, P. Hobbs, S. James, J. Lockyear, R. M. Stevenson, D. Doria, D. J. Hoarty, O. Willi and M. Borghesi

A4-018 Experimental studies of low frequency ionospheric waves
H. Sato, H. L. Pécseli, J. K. Trulsen

A4-270 On runaway electrons beam generation and disruption in picosecond atmospheric discharge at strong overvoltage
S. A. Barengolts, G. A. Mesyats, V. G. Mesyats, I. V. Uimanov, M. M. Tsventoukh

A4-311 Internal pressure steps in open and closed magnetic confinement systems
M. M. Tsventoukh

A4-140 Investigation on the ignition mechanism of a steady-state self-organized structure in barrier discharges
R. Wild, L. Stollenwerk

Posters (B5) Modeling and simulation techniques

B5-436 Modelling dc glow discharges in a wide range of currents with Comsol Multiphysics. New results, fortes and weaknesses
P. G. C. Almeida, M. S. Benilov

B5-250 Experimental study of the ion current to cylindrical Langmuir probe considering finite ion temperature
J. M. Díaz Cabrera, M. V. Lucena Polonio, J. I. Fernández Palop, R. Morales Crespo, M. A. Hernández and J. Ballesteros

B5-322 Distribution of charge on clusters in a magnetron discharge
J. Blažek, P. Bartoš, R. Basner, H. Kersten

B5-440 Hybrid Computer Simulations of Low-Temperature Plasma Containing Micrometer-Sized Dust Particulates: Computational Requirements
P. Bartoš, J. Blažek, Z. Michalcík, P. Špatenka

B5-337 2D PIC/MCC Simulations of Geometrically and Electrically Asymmetric CCP Discharges on a GPU
D. Eremin, E. Schuengel, J. Schulze, U. Czarnetzki, R.P. Brinkmann, T. Mussenbrock

B5-240 Influence of helium admixture on charged particle dynamics in an electronegative oxygen capacitively coupled plasma
A. Greb, K. Niemi, D. O'Connell, T. Gans

B5-175 Highly Parallel Particle-In-Cell Simulations Using CPUs and GPUs
N. Hanzlikova, M. M. Turner

B5-279 Preliminary Modelling of Atmospheric Plasma Jets
S. Kelly, M. Turner

B5-136 Analytic solution to the Bissell-Johnson model
L. Kos, D. D. Tskhakaya(sr.), J. Duhovnik, N. Jelic

B5-455 Analysis of Coupling Efficiency in a Planar Inductively Coupled Plasma Source
S.-H. Lee, G.-H. Kim, J.-H. Cho

B5-374 3D modeling of the plasma expansion in a dipole magnetic field
H. B. Nersisyan, K. A. Sargsyan, D. A. Osipyan, M. V. Sargsyan, H. H. Matevosyan

B5-375 Self-similar analytical model of the plasma expansion in a magnetic field
H. B. Nersisyan, K. A. Sargsyan, D. A. Osipyan, M. V. Sargsyan, H. H. Matevosyan

B5-257 Electro-Negativity Related Phenomena in Radio-Frequency Driven He/O2 Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas
K. Niemi, J. Waskoenig, D. O’Connell, T. Gans

B5-069 A Functional Analytic Description of Active Plasma Resonance Spectroscopy in Terms of Kinetic Theory
J. Oberrath, M. Lapke, T. Mussenbrock, and R. P. Brinkmann

B5-319 Indirect method for characterization of the turbulences created in a thin liquid film in direct contact with a DBD discharge
S. Ognier, D. Iya-sou, C. Fourmond, S. Cavadias

B5-435 On the numerical modelling of a dc driven glow discharge plasma
I. Rafatov, E. A. Bogdanov, A. A. Kudryavtsev

B5-157 A Multiscale Numerical Method to compute Corona Discharges and Application to Plasma Flow Control Problem
G. Dufour, F. Rogier and P. Seimandi

B5-205 Virtual prototyping of a PECVD reactor and process design for thin film photovoltaic applications
A. Salabas

B5-108 The asymmetric dynamics of the intermediate RF sheath
M. Shihab, D. Ziegler, T. Baloniak, A. von Keudell, and R.P. Brinkmann

B5-225 Modelling of a helium atmospheric pressure glow discharge with humid air impurities
P. Simon, A. Bogaerts

B5-426 Charge screening in a nonequilibrium plasma with taking into account the electron energy balance equation
I. N. Derbenev, A. V. Filippov, A. N. Starostin

B5-222 PIC/MC simulation of electron current to spherical probe
Z. Bonaventura, D. Trunec, P. Zikan

B5-314 State-Specific Modeling of N2-CH4 Shocked Flows
D. Tsyhanou, M. Lino da Silva , V. Guerra, J. Loureiro

B5-217 On the accuracy of particle-in-cell simulations with Monte Carlo collisions
M. M. Turner

B5-245 Streamer Simulations With Highly Accurate Transport Data
G. Wormeester, S. Dujko, U. Ebert

Posters (B6) Plasma diagnostic methods

B6-151 Effect of Druyvesteyn Velocity Distribution on Probe, Sheath and Wave
H. Amemiya

B6-062 Conversion of energetic ion beam into energetic neutral beam evidenced by combined diagnostics of kinetic power and current densities
L. Balika, P. A. Cormier, A. L.Thomann, T. Gibert, A. Bouchoule

B6-158 Recombination coefficient of Cl atoms on Al2O3 walls determined by Two-Photon Laser-Induced Fluorescence
J.-P. Booth, N. Sirse, P. Chabert, Y. Azamoum, M. Zaka-ul-Islam

B6-376 Absolute atomic chlorine densities in a Cl2 ICP determined by TALIF with a new calibration method
J. P. Booth, N. Sirse, Y. Azamoum, P. Chabert

B6-277 Laser assisted electron gas heating: revision of the criterion for high pressure non-thermal plasmas
E. A. D. Carbone, S. Hübner, J. M. Palomares, J. J. A. M. van der Mullen

B6-131 Collisional and radiative decay pathways of the low-lying Ou+(3P1) and 1u(3P2) Ne2*excimer states
R. J. Carman

B6-174 Micro-plasma detector based on Collisional Electron Spectroscopy (CES) method for gas mixtures diagnostics
A. Chirtsov, A. Kudryavtsev, A. Mustafaev, A. Tsyganov

B6-348 Application of Two-photon Absorption Laser Induced Fluorescence to validate actinometry measurements of absolute atomic oxygen number density based on improved electron energy distribution functions obtained from PIC simulations
J. Conway, S. Kechkar, N. O’Connor, E. Gudimenko, M. M. Turner, S. Daniels

B6-309 Plasma Diagnostics by Mass Spectrometry
T. A. Field, K. Graupner, S. Haughey

B6-201 Retarding field analysis of the time averaged and time resolved ion energy distribution in pulsed plasmas
D. Gahan, D. O’Sullivan, B. Dolinaj, P. Scullin, Y. T. Pei, M. B. Hopkins

B6-241 E fect of the dielectric on the electron density measurement by hairpin probe
G. S. Gogna, C. Gaman, S. K. Karkari

B6-184 Dual Resonances by Hairpin Resonator Probe in Strongly Magnetized Plasma
G. S. Gogna, S. K. Karkari, M. M. Turner

B6-126 Velocities in thermal plasma flow determined by complex wavelet analysis
J. Gruber, J. Hlína, J. Šonský

B6-115 Decay characteristics of the Nitrogen flowing afterglow from a ~1kW microwave excited plasma source
A. P. C. T. Ha, B. R. J. Carman

B6-176 Thomson scattering on transient microwave induced plasmas
S. Hübner, E. A. D. Carbone, J. M. Palomares, J. J. A. M. van der Mullen

B6-367 Enhanced emission intensity in laser-produced He-H2 and He-N2 plasmas
S. K. Monfared, T. J. Morgan, L. Hüwel, E. Nedanovska, D. Riley

B6-144 Behaviors of metastable He atoms in the multi-Micro Hollow Cathode Lamp measured by laser absorption spectroscopy
M. Inoue, T. Ohta , T. Kanae, M. Ito, M. Hori

B6-339 Atomic oxygen characterisation in a RIE O2/Ar discharge using Laser-Induced Fluorescence and Mass Spectrometry
S. Kechkar, J. Conway, E Gudimenko, S. Daniels, M. Turner

B6-163 Optical emission spectroscopy of DC flowing post-discharge generated in nitrogen-hydrogen mixtures
V. Mazánková, F. Krcma, P. Zednícková

B6-139 Electron kinetics in the afterglow of cc-rf oxygen plasma – two discharge modes
C. Kuellig, K. Dittmann and J. Meichsner

B6-141 Analysis of negative ions in a cc-rf oxygen plasma by means of laser photodetachment and microwave interferometry
C. Kuellig, K. Dittmann and J. Meichsner

B6-361 In situ analysis of ultra low-k etch processes using quantum cascade laser absorption spectroscopy
N. Lang, S. Zimmermann, B. Uhlig, M. Schaller, J. Röpcke, S. E. Schulz

B6-180 Usage of electromagnetic modeling of the multipole resonance probe
M. Lapke , C. Schulz , J. Oberrath , R. Storch , T. Styrnoll , P. Awakowicz , R. P. Brinkmann, T. Musch , T. Mussenbrock, and I. Rolfes

B6-359 Measurements of atomic oxygen concentrations in a large scale asymmetric capacitively coupled plasma reactor by using catalytic probes
S. Lazovic, N. Puac, K. Spasic, G. Malovic, U. Cvelbar, M. Mozetic, Z. Lj. Petrovic

B6-350 Diagnostic of Ion Species in Low Pressure Plasmas
M. V. Lucena-Polonio, J. M. Díaz-Cabrera, J. I. Fernández Palop, R. Morales Crespo, M. A. Hernández, J. Ballesteros

B6-355 Surface vibrational relaxation of N2 studied by CO2 titration with time resolved Quantum Cascade Laser diagnostics
D. Marinov, D. Lopatik, M. Huebner, O. Guaitella, J. Roepcke, A. Rousseau

B6-310 Comparison of probe and spectroscopic data in a Te > 10 eV magnetic mirror laboratory plasma
P. J. Mc Carthy, B. Cahill, T. J. Morgan, R. A. Armstrong

B6-188 Spatially and temporally resolved optical measurement in micro discharges
B. Du, S. Mohr, Y. Celik, D. Luggenhölscher, M. Aramaki, N. Sadeghi, U. Czarnetzki

B6-145 Spatially Resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopy of Micro-size Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Excited by Microwaves
T. Murase, A. Kamata, T. Ishijima, H. Toyoda

B6-238 Determination of metastable densities in surface-wave neon plasma by self-absorption method
Z. Navrátil, L. Dosoudilová, T. Bogdanov, E. Benova, J. Hnilica and V. Kudrle

B6-290 Laser induced breakdown in He at 1atm: Thomson scattering vs. Emission spectroscopy as diagnostics
E. Nedanovska, D. Riley, T. Morgan, L. Hüwel, W. Graham

B6-037 LIF of N2(A3Sigmau+) in atmospheric pressure barrier discharges and absolute density calibration by Rayleigh scattering
S. Nemschokmichal, J. Meichsner

B6-260 The Role of Helium Metastables in Radio-Frequency Driven He/O2 Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas: Measurement and Numerical Simulation
K. Niemi, J. Waskoenig, N. Sadgehi, T. Gans, D. O’Connell

B6-261 Nanosecond pulsed Laser Induced Fluorescence: measuring the depopulation rates of argon excited states
J. M. Palomares, E. A. D. Carbone, S. Hübner and J. J. A. M. van der Mullen

B6-066 Excitation of xenon and oxygen atoms in Ar/ O2/ Xe plasma
J. Raud, M. Laan, I. Jõgi

B6-229 A VHF magnetic flux probe as a diagnostic for a large area multi-tile segmented electrode plasma source
K. Ryan, D. O'Farrell, A. R. Ellingboe

B6-291 Oxygen Impurity Effect on Tailoring of EEDF in Argon Plasmas
A. Seol-Hye Park, B. Hyun-Joon Roh, C. Gon-Ho Kim

B6-085 A New Diagnostic Tool by Floating Probe for Radio-Frequency Plasmas
Y. Taniuchi and H. Shindo

B6-230 Negative ion temperature from the temporal evolution of plasma potential during laser photodetachment
N. Sirse, M. A. Mujawar, J. Conway, S. K. Karkari, M. M. Turner

B6-317 Origin of Electrical Signals for Plasma Etching Endpoint Detection
M. A. Sobolewski

B6-042 Charge separation in a magnetized three-dimensional plasma-sheath-lens
E. Stamate

B6-338 Electrical harmonic sensor Calibration and Plasma Chamber Characterization
R. Tadjine, M. Kechouane, M. Alim

B6-145 Spatially Resolved Optical Emission Spectroscopy of Micro-size Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Excited by Microwaves
T. Murase, A. Kamata, T. Ishijima, H. Toyoda

B6-267 Time-resolved line imaging optical emission spectroscopy of Zn and ZnO laser-induced plasmas in vacuo and in oxygen atmospheres
B. S. Truscott and M. N. R. Ashfold

B6-439 Two-dimensional Thomson scattering diagnostics of a pulsed discharge produced at around atmospheric pressure
K. Tomita, N. Bolouki, Y. Yamagata, K. Uchino

B6-259 Mode transitions in an inductively coupled oxygen plasma system
M. Zaka-ul-Islam, W. G. Graham, T. Gans and D. O’Connell

Posters (C7) Astrophysical, geophysical and other natural plasmas

C7-110 Diagnosing Magnetic Fields in Partially-Ionised Astrophysical Plasmas
E. D. Bennet, L. F. A. Teodoro, H. E. Potts, D. A. Diver

C7-118 Spectral emissions from Sprite Halos
F. J. Gordillo-Vázquez, A. Luque, M. Simek

C7-103 The modelling of the seasonal features of the Polarization Jet appearance
I. Golikov, A. Stepanov, V. Popov, A. Reshetnikov, Ye. Bondar, A. Koryakin and T. Solovyev

C7-442 Laboratory Reproduction of Auroral Cyclotron Radio Emission
D. C. Speirs, S. L. McConville, K. M. Gillespie, A. D. R. Phelps, R. Bingham, A. W. Cross, C. W. Robertson, C. G. Whyte, W. He, M. King, I. Vorgul, R. A. Cairns, B. J. Kellett, K. Ronald

Posters (C8) Low pressure plasmas

C8-316 Design and construction of a 94GHz pseudospark-driven klystron amplifier
D. Bowes, H. Yin, W. He, A.W. Cross, A.D.R. Phelps, K. Ronald, X. Chen, D. Li

C8-065 The ANU material diagnostic facility: A new linear plasma for plasma- surface interactions under fusion relevant conditions
C. S. Corr, B. Blackwell, J. Caneses, C. M. Samuell, J. Wach, J. Howard

C8-047 Current-voltage-time characteristics in a reactive Ar/N2 high power impulse magnetron sputtering discharge
F. Magnus, O. B. Sveinsson, S. Olafsson, J. T. Gudmundsson

C8-033 Chemistry in glow discharges of H2/N2 mixtures. Diagnosis and modelling
E. Carrasco, M. Jiménez-Redondo, V. J. Herrero, I. Tanarro

C8-059 Peculiarities of the formation of a cross discharge in a supersonic pulsed gas jet
N. G. Korobeishchikov, A. E. Zarvin, V. V. Kalyada

C8-255 Investigation of a glow discharge structure in 100 mbar argon
R. Landfried

C8-408 Time resolved tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy in the afterglow of a pulsed magnetron discharge
C. Vitelaru, T. M. Minea, L. de Poucques, G. Popa

C8-298 An investigation into the plasma parameters for a 2-D scalable plasma source for negative-ion production as a possible applicant for neutral beam heating for Iter
T. Rudden, T. Gilmore, A. R. Ellingboe

C8-086 Characteristics of small-bore glow discharge positive columns in neon-argon gas mixtures
N. Sasaki, T. Nakamura, M. Nogaku, E. Saputra, Y. Uchida

C8-117 Calculation of energy distribution functions of energetic particles for plasma ion-aided deposition processes
B. Schroeder, R. P. Brinkmann

C8-153 Volt-Ampere Characteristics of Water Vapour Discharges
N. Škoro, J. Sivoš, D. Maric, G. Malovic and Z. Lj. Petrovic

C8-373 Spectroscopic measurements of electrostatic potentials in an inertial-electrostatic confinement discharge
K. Takiyama, S. Namba, S. Furukawa, Y. Kuramoto, K. Nakanishi, O. Tsunefuji

C8-087 Small sized plasma jet based on a high current pseudo-spark discharge and its durability of the electrodes
M. Watanabe, M. Nishimura, N. Nogera, T. Kamada

C8-079 Ion analysis of the reactive and non-reactive magnetron sputtering process of indium tin oxide
T. Welzel, K. Ellmer

Posters (C9) High frequency discharges

C9-038 Diagnostic of high frequency single and dual RF-PECVD using OES
D. Akbar

C9-253 Inductive Coupled Plasma source with internal coil: Performance and Stability
J. Arancibia Monreal, P. Chabert, V. Godyak

C9-015 Characterization of atmospheric pressure microwave plasma in N2/O2/H2O gas mixtures
M. Baeva, K. Rackow, M. M. Becker, J. Ehlbeck, D. Loffhagen

C9-252 Pressure and radius effects on main characteristics of surface-wave-sustained argon plasmas
E. Benova, T. Petrova

C9-443 Voltage Waveform Tailoring in a RF-CCP reactor: Exploration of self-bias, electron density and current waveform
P. A. Delattre, P, S. Pouliquen, E.V. Johnson, J. P. Booth

C9-233 Bulk heating of electrons in capacitive CF4 discharges
A. Derzsi, K. Dittmann, J. Meichsner, Z. Donkó, J. Schulze

C9-170 Reaction of higher harmonic frequencies on thin films
P. Dvorak, R. Zemlicka, V. Bursikova, P. Vasina, J. Sperka

C9-027 Self-consistent structure of a helicon discharge maintained by an electric traveling-wave current source
V. A. Es'kin, A. V. Kudrin

C9-101 Experimental characterization of plasmas created by a microwave torch at atmospherique pressure
K. Gadonna, S. Gruat, C. Boisse-Laporte, P. Leprince, O. Leroy, L.L. Alves

C9-089 Dissociation of iodine compounds in the high-pressure RF plasma generator
V. JirásekP, J. Schmiedberger, M. Censký, J. Kodymová

C9-075 A Reactive Ion Etcher with increased sample throughput: detailed presentation and primary characterization
C. Konispoliatis, P. Svarnas, F. Clément, E. Pyrgioti, V. Dracopoulos, N. Spyrou

C9-282 O2 dissociation in Ar-O2 surface-wave microwave discharges
K. Kutasi, P. A. Sa, V. Guerra

C9-137 Global model of atmospheric pressure radio-frequency capacitive discharges
C. Lazzaroni, P. Chabert, M. A. Lieberman, A. J. Lichtenberg

C9-414 Absorption spectroscopy measurements of argon metastable and resonant atoms densities in atmospheric pressure Ar-He surface-wave plasmas
J. Muñoz, J. Margot, M. D. Calzada

C9-227 The effect of secondary electrons on ion flux and ion mean energy in dualfrequency capacitively coupled radio frequency discharges
J. Schulze, Z. Donko, E. Schüngel, S. Mohr, U. Czarnetzki

C9-368 Manipulating electron dynamics in dual radio-frequency driven atmospheric pressure plasmas
C. O'Neill, J. Waskoenig, T. Gans

C9-349 Effects of pulse shape tailoring on the properties of a pulsed capacitively coupled radiofrequency discharge
Z. El Otell, M. D. Bowden, V. Samara, N. St. J. Braithwaite

C9-024 Negative ion yield in low-pressure rf discharges in hydrogen: effects of nonlocality
Ts. Paunska, A. Shivarova, Kh. Tarnev

C9-149 The breakdown voltage curves and spatial profiles of ionization rates in argon rf discharges
M. Savic, M. Radmilovic-Radjenovic, M. Šuvakov, Z. Lj. Petrovic

C9-005 The low pressure discharge induced by microwave radiation with stochastically jumping phase
I. F. Potapenko, A. F. Alisov, A. M. Artamoshkin, O. V. Bolotov, V. I. Golota, A. M. Egorov, I. V.Karas`,V. I. Karas, A. N. Starostin, I. A. Zagrebelny

C9-067 Charged particle densities and distribution functions in a flowing rf plasma with non-uniform magnetic field
C. M. Samuell, B. Blackwell and C. S. Corr

C9-050 Current density measurements for electrons emitted by electrodes of a low pressure RF capacitive discharge
V. L. Kovalevsky, V. ?. Riaby, V. P. Savinov, V. G. Yakunin

C9-154 Investigation of the plasma parameters and homogeneity on a negative ion source for fusion
L. Schiesko, P. Franzen, U. Fantz and NNBI Team

C9-263 Experimental, simulation, and model investigations of an electrically asymmetric capacitive oxygen discharge
E. Schüngel, Q.-Z. Zhang, S. Iwashita, J. Schulze, L.-J. Hou, Y.-N. Wang, U. Czarnetzki

C9-265 Electrically asymmetric CCRF discharges driven by multiple frequencies
E. Schüngel, Z. Donkó, U. Czarnetzki, J. Schulze

C9-232 Simulation study of wave emission from the sheath edge in capacitively coupled discharges
S. Sharma, M. M. Turner

C9-239 Simulation study of stochastic heating by scaling of parameters in capacitively coupled discharges
S. Sharma, M. M. Turner

C9-167 Investigation of Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma at Radio-frequency

C9-023 Comments on the boundary conditions for metal and dielectric walls in the fluid-plasma modelling
Ts. Paunska, A. Shivarova, Kh. Tarnev

C9-254 Rotational and vibrational temperatures in a hydrogen discharge with a magnetic X-point
Ts. V. Tsankov, U. Czarnetzki, K. Toko

C9-370 Negative ions at the E to H transition in an inductively coupled oxygen plasma system
M. Zaka-ul-Islam, W. G. Graham

Posters (C10) Non-equilibrium plasmas and microplasmas at high pressures

C10-116 Ozone generation and streamers in atmospheric pressure oxygen dielectric barrier discharge
G.Takahashi, H.Akashi, A.Oda and T. Yoshinaga

C10-226 Atmospheric pressure plasma microjet driven by high voltage kilohertz signals
P. Svarnas, A. Gkelios, F. Clément, S. Aleiferis, N. Spyrou

C10-283 The role of molecular air species in atmospheric pressure plasma jets
Q. Th. Algwari, D. O’Connell

C10-295 Interaction mechanisms between multiple plasma jets
Q. Th. Algwari, C. O'Neill, D. O'Connell

C10-422 Modelling of a short-pulse excited dielectric barrier discharge XeCl(308 nm) excimer lamp
A Belasri, H Loukil, K Khodja, S Baadj

C10-273 Ozone formation and destruction mechanisms in an atmospheric pressure plasma jet
H. Bahre, M. Aragunde, J. Golda, V. Schulz-von der Gathen

C10-013 Hydrodynamic modelling of microdischarges in asymmetric barrier discharges in argon
M. M. Becker, T. Hoder, C. Wilke, R. Brandenburg, D. Loffhagen

C10-056 Pressure wave production by surface dielectric barrier discharge supplied by positive and negative fast-rising high voltage pulses
N. Benard, A. Claverie, N. Zouzou, J. Sotton, E. Moreau

C10-173 Cross-correlation spectroscopy, surface charge measurements, and LIF of metastables in barrier discharges in He/N2 mixtures
M. Bogaczyk, S. Nemschokmichal, J. Meichsner, H.-E. Wagner

C10-202 Influence of the preionization on the dynamics of an air discharge between two point electrodes at atmospheric pressure
F. Tholin, A. Bourdon

C10-433 Antibacterial activity of nonwoven textile using discharge generated in water solution containing zinc particles
G. Neagoe, A. Brablec, J. Rahel

C10-206 Gas temperature of a RF discharge measured through the Schlieren method
Y. C. Sutton, M. Bowden, N. St. J. Braithwaite, D. Sharp and J. Moore

C10-220 An experimental and numerical investigation of a modulated, axially-symmetric RF discharge in air
Y. C. Sutton, G. V. Naidis, P. C. Johnson, J. Moore, D. Sharp, N. St. J. Braithwaite

C10-364 Time-resolved Optical Imaging of a Cylindrical Dielectric Barrier Micro-Discharge with TCO Electrode
P. M. Bryant, P. Poolcharuansin, J. S. Oh and J. W. Bradley

C10-288 On the discharge parameters of a pulsed DBD plasma produced inside of a closed polymer container
A. S. Chiper and G. Popa

C10-256 The effects of electrode spacing and small O2/N2/Ar admixtures
L. Cox and D. O'Connell

C10-104 Single and multi-DBD plasma actuators based on wire HV electrode
A. Debien, N. Benard, E. Moreau

C10-051 Investigation of breakdown in a pulsed 13.56 MHz asymmetric surface barrier discharge in atmospheric pressure argon
J. Dedrick, R. W. Boswell, C. Charles

C10-194 Wave Driven Microwave Plasma Torch for Biomedical Applications
E. Tatarova, B. Gordiets, J. Henriques, F. M. Dias, and C. M. Ferreira

C10-341 Characterisation of the interelectrodic and expanding regions of a low power cold argon plasma source at various pressures
M. Teodorescu, M. Bazavan, E. R. Ionita, G. Dinescu

C10-044 Particle-in-cell simulation of a nanosecond-pulsed hydrogen microdischarge
Z. Donko, J. Schulze, S. Mueller and U. Czarnetzki

C10-445 Study of the interaction between two counter-propagating plasma bullets
C. Douat, M. Fleury, M. Laroussi, V. Puech

C10-301 Optical disgnostics and mass spectrometry on the afterglow of an atmospheric pressure Ar/O2 radiofrequency plasma used for polymer surface treatment
C. Y. Duluard, T. Dufour, J. Hubert, F. Reniers

C10-280 Modeling hard radiation from streamers and leaders and terrestrial gamma-ray flashes
C. Li, C. Koehn, U. Ebert

C10-329 Relaunch of the water plasmoid experiment for investigations of ball lightning phenomena
U. Fantz , S. Briefi, R. Friedl, M. Kammerloher, A. Oswald, D. Rauner

C10-166 Time resolved investigation of an intermittent negative DC-corona in flowing argon at atmospheric pressure
T. Gerling, T. Hoder, R. Brandenburg, R. Bussiahn, E. Kindel and K.-D. Weltmann

C10-191 Influence of the driving frequency on atomic oxygen densities in rf driven atmospheric pressure plasma jets
L. M. Graham, J. Waskoenig, C. O'Neill, T. Gans

C10-204 Comparison of excitation dynamics of two-dimensional kHz driven micro-structured plasma devices operated in argon
A. Greb, H. Boettner, J. Winter, V. Schulz-von der Gathen

C10-424 Localized formation of nanostructured surfaces using an atmospheric pressure micro-afterglow discharge
A. Arnoult, A. Altaweel, T. Gries, T. Belmonte

C10-248 Role of adsorbed charges in breakdown and propagation of guided streamer in He
O. Guaitella, I. Marinov, F. Pechereau, A. Bourdon, A. Rousseau

C10-353 Numerical study of secondary electron emission in a coaxial radio-frequency driven plasma jet at atmospheric pressure
T. Hemke, J. Trieschmann, A. Wollny, R. P. Brinkmann, T. Mussenbrock

C10-332 A Stochastic Liquid Droplet Model for Atmospheric Pressure Discharges
M. M. Iqbal, M. M. Turner

C10-333 Influence of Gap Spacing between Dielectric Barriers in He-air APD using Multi-dimensional Fluid Model
M. M. Iqbal, M. M. Turner

C10-356 Validity of the Townsend's criterion for determination of gamma of dielectric electrode
H. Itoh, A. Oda, S. Suzuki

C10-125 Simulation of the dynamics of a helium discharge in a thin dielectric tube at atmospheric pressure
J. Jánský, F. Pechereau, A.Bourdon

C10-095 Triggering of positive surface streamer by electrons due to discharge light
Y. Kashiwagi and H. Itoh

C10-354 Characterisation of plasma discharges in vapour layers formed in conducting aqueous solutions
C. P. Kelsey, L. Schaper, L. Nemcova, K. R. Stalder, W. G. Graham

C10-179 Investigation on the spatio-temporal development of pulsed dielectric barrier microdischarges in air
M. Kettlitz, H. Höft, T. Hoder, R. Brandenburg, S. Reuter, K.-D. Weltmann

C10-221 Investigation of barrier discharge in Ar/C2H2 mixture in flow and non-flow condition
P. Kloc, V. Mazankova, M. Elias, D. Trunec, L. Zajickova

C10-297 Computational aspects of simulations of early stages of a Townsend discharge
L. Kos, N. Jelic

C10-164 Bubbles formation in diaphragm discharge configuration supplied by DC non-pulsing voltage
F. Krcma, L. Hlavatá, L. Hlochová, Z. Kozáková, O. Guaitella, I. Marinov, S. Starikovskaia

C10-211 Development of pulsed discharges inside narrow cavities and their interaction with dielectric surfaces
P. Le Delliou, P. Tardiveau, P.Jeanney, G. Bauville, S. Pasquiers

C10-452 Numerical simulations of runaway electron generation in pressurized nitrogen
D. Levko, S. Yatom, V. Vekselman, J. Z. Gleizer, V. Tz. Gurovich, Ya. E. Krasik

C10-358 Images of plasma jet/bullet formation for different electrode configurations
D. Maletic, S. Lazovic, N. Puac, G. Malovic, A. Ðordevic and Z. Lj. Petrovic

C10-342 On observation of two modes in negative nanosecond discharge in water
I. Marinov, O. Guaitella, A. Rousseau, S. M. Starikovskaia

C10-134 Dynamics of the plasma development in microdischarge arrays excited by DC or nanosecond high voltage pulses
V. Martin, G. Bauville, V. Puech

C10-264 Electron-anion seperation in electronegative rf microdischarges
K. McKay, D. X. Liu, F. Iza, M. Z. Rong and M. G. Kong

C10-210 Ignition of single microhollow cathode discharge devices and arrays in diamond
S. Mitea, D. C. Barthaud, J. Kowal, N. St. J. Braithwaite, M. D. Bowden

C10-234 Characterization of a DBD plasma jet for soft ionization
S. Müller, S. B. Olenici-Craciunescu, T. Krähling, V. Horvatic, C. Vadla, J. Franzke

C10-001 Structure of streamers propagating in non-uniform gases
G.V. Naidis

C10-365 Some of the physical and chemical properties associated with plasma production in aqueous solutions
L. Nemcová, F. Krcma, C. P. Kelsey, W. G. Graham

C10-346 Localized and distributed behavior of nanosecond pulse-periodic discharge in air
A. Nikipelov, I. Popov, S. Pancheshnyi, A. Starikovskii

C10-146 Gold nanoparticles synthesis by Microplasma-induced Non-equilibrium Liquid Chemistry (MiNE-LC)
J. Patel, P. Maguire, D. Mariotti

C10-450 Characterisation of a dc plasma-on-liquid system
J. Patel, C. P. Kelsey, L. Nemcová, W. G. Graham, D. Mariotti

C10-129 Simulation of the propagation in a capillary dielectric tube of an air discharge initiated by point-ring electrodes at atmospheric pressure
F. Pechereau, J. Jansky, A. Bourdon

C10-002 Ozone generation by surface dielectric barrier discharge with TiO2 photocatalyst
S. Pekárek, K. Usama

C10-003 Effect of catalysts location on performance of DC corona discharge
S. Pekarek

C10-521 Multi-pulse Glow-like Planar Plasma Jets Impinging on Dielectric Barrier Substrates
Q. Li, H. Takana, Y.-K. Pu, H. Nishiyama

C10-444 Study of neutral mass and positive ion energy distributions from atmospheric pressure surfatron Ar plasmas
M. A. Ridenti, J. A. Souza-Corrêa, J. Amorim

C10-407 Ultrafast Heating in Nanosecond Repetitively Pulsed Discharges in Air at Atmospheric Pressure: Temperature and Absolute Density Measurements
D. L. Rusterholtz, D. Xu, G. D. Stancu, D. A. Lacoste, C. O. Laux

C10-181 About the inuence of gas-flow and power on the formation of specific atomic oxygen distributions in a plasma needle operated in high power-mode
D. Schröder, Y. Sakiyama, N. Knake, V. Schulz-von der Gathen, D. B. Graves

C10-040 Breakdown in mm-sized discharges: Discharge formation under high-frequency AC voltage
A. Sobota, J. H. M. Kanters, M. F. Gendre, J. van Dijk, F. Manders, E. M. van Veldhuizen, M. Haverlag

C10-041 Breakdown in mm-sized discharges: Modifying the electric field
A. Sobota, M. F. Gendre, F. Manders, E. M. van Veldhuizen, M. Haverlag

C10-304 Reactive oxygen species in RF-driven atmospheric pressure plasma jets
J. S. Sousa, K. Niemi, L. J. Cox, L. M. Graham, J. Waskoenig, D. O’Connell, T. Gans

C10-306 Reactive oxygen species in kHz-driven atmospheric pressure plasma jets
J. S. Sousa, Q. Algwari, K. Niemi, T. Gans, D. O’Connell

C10-343 Capillary nanosecond discharge as a toolfor study of energy relaxation
A. V. Klochko, S. M. Starikovskaia

C10-420 Measurement of surface potential and discharge power for PT-based plasma reactor: effect of electrode edges on surface potential profile
K. Teranishi, N. Shimomura, H. Itoh

C10-123 Analysis of helium atmospheric pressure plasma jet in the bullet mode
I. Topala, D. G. Dimitriu, N. Dumitrascu

C10-036 Multi-band structure of the third continua spectra of Ar, Kr and Xe gases excited by a pulsed discharge
A. Lissovski, and A. Treshchalov

C10-081 Electrical and optical diagnostics of atmospheric pressure argon gliding arc plasma jet
X. Tu, H. J. Gallon, J. C. Whitehead

C10-011 Extraordinary extinction of dielectric barrier Townsend discharge in nitrogen at atmospheric pressure
H. Luo, X. Wang

C10-026 Dielectric barrier discharge in neon at atmospheric pressure
J. Ran, H. Luo, X. Wang

C10-004 Space- and time- resolved investigation of nanosecond time scale gas discharge at high pressures
S. Yatom, V. Vekselman, J. Z. Gleizer, D. Levko, Ya. E. Krasik

C10-111 Numerical of atmospheric dc glow discharge along a miniature helium flow in nitrogen
T. Yoshida, N. Shirai, S. Uchida, F. Tochikubo

Posters (C11) Thermal plasmas

C11-268 Effect of pressure on the electrode fall for impulse arcs in argon between copper electrodes
O. Diaz, V. Cooray

C11-244 Radiation Measurements of High Current Arcs in Air
E. Fjeld, S. T. Hagen, D. Bjerketvedt, W. G. J. Rondeel

C11-152 Heating of a copper cathode: experiment and numerical modelling
R. Landfried, T. Leblanc, P. Teste

C11-237 Spectroscopic measurement of temperature in the plasma jet during plasma arc cutting of stainless steel
A. Mašláni, V. Sember, T. Stehrer, H. Pauser

Posters (C12) Complex and dusty plasmas, ion-ion plasmas

C12-219 Dust growth in magnetised plasma sheaths
M. B. Alharbi, D. A. Diver

C12-193 Study of an ion-ion plasma by biasing a large planar probe with square waveforms
J. Bredin, A. Aanesland and P. Chabert

C12-016 Defect dynamics in complex plasmas: interactions with waves and defects
C. Durniak, D. Samsonov

C12-160 Investigations on Ar/O2 discharge in Constricted hollow anode plasma source
M. A. Mujawar, S. K. Karkari, M. M. Turner

C12-192 Evaluation of the PEGASES thruster performances
L. Popelier, J. Bredin, A. Aanesland, P. Chabert

C12-132 Growth of spherical carbon nanotube (CNT) in a complex plasma and the effect of plasma parameters on field enhancement factor
S. C. Sharma and A. Tewari

C12-133 Cerenkov excitation of a surface plasma wave over a plasma cylinder by a pre-modulated electron beam
R. Gupta, S. C. Sharma and V. Prakash

C12-423 Dust acoustic waves in non-equilibrium plasmas at elevated pressure
A. V. Filippov, A. N. Starostin, I. M. Tkachenko

C12-014 MeV energy negative ion source from ultra-intense laser-matter interaction
S. Ter-Avetisyan, B. Ramakrishna, M. Borghesi, D. Doria, M. Zepf, A. Andreev, P. V. Nickles, S. Steinke, W. Sandner, M. Schnürer, V. Tikhonchuk

C12-434 Low frequency electrostatic modes in partially ionized complex plasmas, a kinetic approach
P. Tolias, S. Ratynskaia, U. de Angelis

C12-068 Influence of photoelectron emission on the plasma sheath in cesiated sources for negative hydrogen ions
D. Wünderlich and the NNBI team

Posters (D13) Plasma processing of surfaces and particles

D13-072 Early Stages of nanosecond pulsed-laser growth of silicon pillars in vacuum
Y. Belaroussi, T. Kerdja, C. Yaddadene, A.Djemaa, N. Gabouze

D13-113 Gold nanoparticles synthesis by a gas-liquid interracial plasma
Q. Chen, T. Kaneko, R. Hatakeyama

D13-300 Atmospheric-pressure dielectric barrier discharge in He and He+O2 for surface modification of polymers
G. Borcia, A.S. Chiper, I. Mihaila, C. Vitelaru and G. Popa

D13-052 Modification of polydimethylsiloxane thin films in H2 discharge
V. Danilov, H.-E. Wagner, and J. Meichsner

D13-231 Investigation of hydrophilicity of PVC surface by a non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasma torch
M. Ghasemi, F. Sohbatzadeh, S. Mirzanejhad, M.Talebzadeh and S. Haji Ahmadi

D13-182 Surface reaction of hydrogen radical on plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition of silicon thin films
Y. Abe, K. Takeda, M. Hori, K. Ishikawa, H. Kondo, M. Sekine

D13-060 Two-step formation of ZnO nanowires using energy-controlled hollow-type magnetron RF plasma
H. Ono, S. Iizuka

D13-061 Conversion of methane to gaseous and/or solid carbon materials by control of plasma reaction in RF discharge
T. Tsuchiya, S. Iizuka

D13-366 TaN and TiN thin films deposited by HIPIMS
C. Jin, O. Fromentin, M.C. Hugon, N. Marsot, B. Bouchet-Fabre, R. Sireilles, F. Alvarez, and T. Minea

D13-127 Fabrication of Porous Metallic Nanostructure by Helium Irradiation
S. Kajita, N. Yoshida, R. Yoshihara, N. Ohno, D. Kitaoka

D13-318 Impacts of Plasma Fluctuations on Growth of Nano-Particles in Reactive Plasmas
K. Kamataki , H. Miyata, K. Koga, G. Uchida, N. Itagaki, D. Yamashita, H. Matsuzaki and M. Shiratani

D13-034 Properties of Films Prepared by Microwave Plasma-Assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition under the Open-Air Condition
J. Kawakami, H. Yagi, H. Motomura, M. Jinno

D13-235 Plasma synthesised magnetic nanoparticles containing Fe(II) and Fe(III) oxides
P. Zelina, O. Jasek, V. Kudrle, B. David, D. Hemzal

D13-427 50-Hz plasma treatment of glass fibre reinforced polyester at atmospheric pressure enhanced by ultrasonic irradiation
Y. Kusano, K. Norrman, S. V. Singh, F. Leipold, P. Morgen, A. Bardenshtein, N. Krebs

D13-312 Dissociation efficiency of NF3 in a capacitively coupled plasma: a phenomenological parameterization
G. F. Leu, P. Grünenfelder, P. Modrzynski

D13-431 Energy distribution of negative ions of atomic oxygen during the sputter deposition of TiO2 and SiO2 thin films
M. Macías-Montero, J. Gil-Rostra, F. J. Garcia-Garcia, R. Álvarez, A. Palmero, F. Yubero, J. Cotrino, A. R. González-Elipe

D13-195 Synthesis of Silicon Carbide Nanoparticles using an Atmospheric Pressure Microplasma Reactor
J. McKenna, M. Schmidt, D. Mariotti

D13-187 Pulsed laser deposition of metal nanoparticle films
I. Mirza, J. G. Lunney

D13-122 Modification of Surface-characteristics of Silicon Nanocrystals by using Atmospheric-pressure Microplasma
A. S. Mitra, B. J. Patel, C. C. Dickinson, D. D. Mariotti

D13-441 Improved adhesive bond strengths using a scalable capacitive plasma source operating at 162 MHz
A. R. Ellingboe, D. Molloy, K. B. Katnam, A. J. Comer, T. M. Young

D13-377 Early stage optical emission in nanosecond laser ablation
G. O’Connell, I. Tobin, J. G. Lunney

D13-325 New TiOx films with oriented growth doped by nitrogen and their antibacterial effect
Z. Michalcík, N. Martin, P. Bartoš, M. Pekárek, P. Kríž, P. Špatenka

D13-432 Ion beam techniques used for light elements composition estimation of complex multielemental layers prepared by magnetron sputtering
V. Perina, R. Mikšová, J. Vlcek

D13-063 Formation of Atomically Thin Film of Coherent Domains of sp2 C=C and sp3 C-H carbons at the surface of Hydrogenated Diamond like Carbon Substrate
N. R. Ray, J. Datta, P. Sen, H. S. Biswas, E. A. Vogler

D13-289 Sputter deposition apparatus combined with ion irradiation system immersed in plasma
N. Sakudo, N. Ikenaga, Y. Kurachi, Y. Kishi, Z. Yajima

D13-216 Experimental study of hybrid PVD-PECVD process of metallic target sputtering in argon and acetylene
T. Schmidtová, P. Soucek, P. Vašina

D13-271 Hydrophilization and Oxide Removal using Damage-Free Multi-Gas Plasma Jet
M. Shibata, H. Hirai, T. Takamatsu, R. Sasaki, H. Miyahara, A. Okino

D13-292 Electron density comparison between experiments and simulations in chlorine based ICP discharge
N. Sirse, J. P. Booth, Y. Azamoum, P. Chabert

D13-249 Improvement of surface properties of reinforcing polypropylene fibres by atmospheric pressure plasma treatment
D. Skácelová, M. Fialová, P. Stahel, M. Cernák

D13-046 Femtosecond laser micro processing of organic thin film
N. Tsuda, Y. Tomita, T. Kurata, J. Yamada, S. Ochiai

D13-143 Properties of nanocomposite coatings prepared by hybrid process of metallic target sputtering in argon and acetylene
P. Vašina, P. Soucek, T. Schmidtová, L. Zábranský, V. Buršíková, J. Buršík, O. Caha, V. Perina, R. Miksová

D13-421 Simulation study of plasma etching in the GEC reference cell with SF6
S. López-López, B. Walker, J. Munro, D. Brown, J. Tennyson

D13-039 Plasma reduction of NiO/Al2O3 catalyst in a CH4 dielectric barrier discharge: low temperature synthesis of carbon nanofibres
H. J. Gallon, X. Tu, M. V. Twigg, J. C. Whitehead

Posters (D14) High pressure and thermal plasma processing

D14-109 Optical emission spectroscopy in atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharges in CF4/noble gas mixtures - The relation between optical emission and CF4 decomposition -
T. Ide, M. Idehara, N. Shirai, S. Uchida, F. Tochikubo

D14-214 Ethanol removal by dielectric barrier discharge assisted by catalysis
N. Mericam-Bourdet, M.J. Kirkpatrick, F. Tuvache, E. Odic, D. Frochot

D14-093 OH density and temperature measurement in coaxial cylinder DBD reactor under atmospheric pressure humid air
Y. Nakagawa, R. Ono, T. Oda

D14-242 Ignition of the oxygen-hydrogen mixture by RF DBD
I. A. Shkurenkov, Yu. A. Mankelevich, T. V. Rakhimova

D14-138 Application of spatial particle tracking velocimetry and accelerometry on thermal plasma jet
J. Sonsky

D14-178 Behavior of Hydrogen Radical on Reduction of Copper Oxide in Atmospheric Pressure Remote Plasma using H2/Ar Mixture Gases
K. Takeda, H. Inui, H. Kondo, K. Ishikawa, M. Sekine, M. Hori

Posters (D15) Plasma lamps and radiation sources

D15-094 Investigation of low pressure discharges containing a defined amount of InBr
S. Briefi, U. Fantz

D15-203 VUV radiation from helium and hydrogen containing microwave plasmas
E. Felizardo, E. Tatarova, F. M. Dias, and C. M. Ferreira

D15-335 Experimental investigation and modelling of the spectral intensity of the N2-emission in argon low-pressure arc discharges
D. Ertle, R. Friedl, F. Vogel, U. Fantz

D15-035 Emission properties of triple Xe/CsBr/CsCl gas-vapor mixture excited by an electric discharge for a two-wave excilamp
M. Klenivskyi, V. Kelman, Yu. Zhmenyak and Yu. Shpenik

D15-091 Numerical Simulation on RF-Excited Dielectric Barrier Discharges in High-Pressure Xenon for Excimer Lamps
A. Oda, H. Akashi

Posters (D16) Medical, biological, environmental and aeronautical applications

D16-213 Experimental characterization of plasmas for aerodynamical applications
R. Barni, I. Biganzoli, C. Riccardi

D16-307 Modelling study on the oxidation of methane in an atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge
C. De Bie, B. Verheyde, S. Corthals, T. Martens, J. van Dijk, S. Paulussen, B. Sels, A. Bogaerts

D16-454 Plasma modification of titanium for repulsion of blood platelets
U. Cvelbar, M. Modic, I. Junkar, S. Lazovic, M. Mozetic

D16-344 Biological effects on cancer cells of ultra-short burst of laser driven protons
D. Doria, K. Kakolee, S. Kar, S. Litt, H. Ahmed, R. Prasad, M. Zepf, M. Borghesi, F. Fiorini, D. Kirby, S. Green, K. Kirby, J. C. Jeynes, M. Merchant, G. Schettino, J. Kavanagh

D16-499 Interactions of non thermal atmospheric pressure plasmas with plasmid DNA
A. Gibson, D. O'Connell, L. Cox, Q. Algwari

D16-197 Kilohertz-Driven Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet for the Decontamination of Bacterial Biofilms
M. Y. Alkawareek, S. P. Gorman, D. O’Connell, Q. Th. Algwari, B. F. Gilmore

D16-362 On the Aging of Nitrogen-Containing Plasma Polymer Layers on Titanium Implant Model Surfaces and Correlation with the Response of Osteoblastic Cells
F. Hempel, B. Finke, H. Testrich, J. Meichsner, H. Rebl, B. Nebe, K.-D. Weltmann, K. Schröder

D16-029 Detection of dissolved metals using a liquid electrode dielectric barrier discharge
T. Krähling, S. Müller, S. Groh, J. Franzke

D16-429 Effects on cell adhesion and migration of a low power, atmospheric pressure plasma source
E. Martines, P. Brun, I. Castagliuolo, S. Pathak, S. Spagnolo, M. Zuin

D16-363 Plasma polymerized ethylenediamine (PPEDA) thin films for cell-adhesive implant coatings
H. Testrich, H. Rebl, B. Nebe, J. Meichsner

D16-121 Innovative DBD plasma actuators for airflow control
A. Berendt, J. Podlinski, J. Mizeraczyk

D16-156 Identification of antibacterial species in plasma treated liquids
K. Oehmigen, C. Wilke, K.-D. Weltmann, Th. von Woedtke

D16-218 Experimental study and numerical simulation of flow separation control with pulsed nanosecond discharge actuator
G. Correale, I. B. Popov, A. Nikipelov, S. Pancheshnyi, A. Yu. Starikovskii, S. J. Hulshoff, L. L. M. Veldhuis

D16-296 Plasma decontamination of sealed packages
H. E. Potts, D. A. Diver, P. C. Everest, R. D. O’Connor

D16-223 Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in an Argon Plasma Jet Investigated with Respect to ROS Mediated Effects in Human Cells
S. Reuter, J. Winter, K. Wende, S. Hasse, D. Schroeder, L. Bundscherer, A. Barton, K. Masur, N. Knake, V. Schulz-von der Gathen, K.-D. Weltmann

D16-286 Efficiency of ozone generation by atmospheric pressure air DBD using different pulsed voltage sources
F. P. Sainct, N. Méricam-Bourdet, D. A. Lacoste, M. J. Kirkpatrick, E. Odic, C. O. Laux

D16-043 Plasma chemical oxidation (PCO®) enhances implant fixation and bone-implant contact in a rat model
C. Schrader, M. Diefenbeck, S. Zankovych, J. Schmidt, T. Mückley, J. Bossert, K. D. Jandt, M. Faucon, U. Finger

D16-331 Investigation of remote atmospheric pressure plasma effect on Candida albicans fungus
F. Sohbatzadeh, A. Hosseinzadeh, S. Mirzanejhad, S. Hajiahmadi, M. Talezadeh, M. Ghasemi

D16-401 Measurement of ozone concentration based on visible photo absorption method
K. Teranishi, N. Shimomura, H. Itoh

D16-124 Studies on plasma lifetime during tissues exposure to atmospheric pressure plasma jet
I. Topala, E. Falos, C. Luca, A. V. Nastuta, N. Dumitrascu

D16-080 Plasma-catalytic dry reforming in atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge: evidence of synergistic effect
X. Tu, H. J. Gallon, J. C. Whitehead

D16-135 Numerical simulations on a plasma jet device, focussing on the mixing of the argon discharge and humid air
W. Van Gaens, A. Bogaerts

D16-147 Characterisation of an atmospheric-pressure plasma jet and plasma treatment of Escherichia coli resulting in growth inhibition
E. Wagenaars, M. van der Woude, R. Vann

D16-371 Studies of Electrical Killing on Nymphonella tapetis Using Pulsed Power Technology
D. Wang, K. Hirayama, N. Takamura, T. Goto, T. Namihira, H. Akiyama

D16-278 Plasma-assisted CO2 conversion as alternative to conventional fuel processing
S. Welzel, F. Brehmer, S. Ponduri, M. Creatore, M. C. M. van de Sanden, R. Engeln

D16-161 Degradation of spent oils in an atmospheric pressure gliding arc discharge reactor
M. Prantsidou, J. C. Whitehead

Posters (D17) Plasma power and pulsed power technology, particle sources

D17-078 Ultrahigh density gas heating by high current discharge
A. V. Budin, A. A. Bogomaz, M. E. Pinchuk, S. Yu. Losev, A. G. Leks, A. A. Pozubenkov, Ph. G. Rutberg

D17-083 Acceleleration of the heavy ions, when ion and electron fluxes are equal
Y. A. Kovalenko, T. V. Chernishov, A. S. Chikhachev

D17-106 Plasma in magnetohydrodynamic energy converter
T. Murakami, Y. Okuno

D17-077 Radial oscillations of high-current discharge channel in high-density gas
M. E. Pinchuk, A. A. Bogomaz, A. V. Budin, S. Yu. Losev, A. G. Leks, A. A. Pozubenkov, Ph. G. Rutberg