Research Publications


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2010 and earlier

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Conferences/public presentations


Templeton, M., Lohan, M., Kelly, C. & Lundy, L. (2018). Involving Young People in Research about First Sex. The Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation, Seminar Series. Queen's University Belfast. 20th Jan 2018.

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Queen's University Belfast Special Interest Group on Reproductive and Sexual Health Annual Public Lecture 2013 Lecture by Dr Karen Lorimer of Glasgow Calidonian University: Involving Young People in Improving the Sexual Health of the Population, 11th June 2013. The special interest group is part of the Improving Children's Lives initiative at Queen's Univeristy Belfast. [View Introduction by Michelle Templeton]  [View Dr Karen Lorimer's Lecture] 

Lohan, M. Imagine Being Jack: The Use of Drama In Men’s Health Promotion. Men's Health Forum in Ireland (MHFI) Conference: Policy to Practice - Profiling the Impact of Ireland's National Men's Health Policy, 13th June 2013. 

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2010 and earlier

Lohan, M. Cruise, S.  O’ Halloran P. , Alderdice, F. & Hyde A. Adolescent Men and Unplanned Pregnancy. Plenary presentation toNorthern Ireland Regional Sexual Health Conference November 15th 2010.

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Lohan, M., O’Halloran, P., Corkindale, C. Cruise, S. M., Grant, D., Alderdice, F. A., & Hyde, A. (2009). Mixing art and science: Designing an interactive video-drama for researching teenage men and crisis pregnancy. Changing Men and Masculinities in Gender Equal Societies Conference, Roskilde University, Roskilde, Denmark, 28-30th January, 2009.


Announcing two special issues dedicated to men and reproduction.

How Do Men Prepare for Fatherhood?

special issue of the Journal of Family Issues released  in August 2013 explores men’s roles in matters related to family planning, conception, abortion, adoption and preparing for childbirth. The issue arose from a panel at the International Sociology Association world conference in Buenos Aires in 2012. The guest editors of the collection are Dr Maria Lohan (Queen’s University Belfast); Prof. William Marsiglio (University of Florida) and Prof. Lorraine Culley (De Monfort University).

Symposium: Men, Fertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Following the event ‘Men, In/fertility and Assisted Reproductive Technologies’, hosted at De Montfort University in April 2012, a selection of papers presented at this event have been published as a symposium collection in the September 2013 issue of Reproductive BioMedicine Online. The guest editors for the symposium are Prof Lorraine Culley, Dr Nicky Hudson (De Montfort University) and Dr Maria Lohan (Queen’s University Belfast).


If I were Jack Newsletters

Newsletter 1       May 2012 


Media Engagement

Lohan, M & Aventin, A. 'The latest statistics on teenage births are missing a vital ingredient: fathers'. The Conversation, 6th July 2015.

Lohan, M. 'The male side of the fertility equation'. Radio interview with Australian Broadcasting Company, 30th June 2015.

Lohan, M.  'Forget Freezing Sperm. It's time for men to take responsibility for the foreplay of Fatherhood'. The Conversation, 26th June, 2015.




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