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International Advisory Group

the jack trial

International Advisory Group

Dr Marion Henderson ‌‌

Marion Henderson
Medical Research Council
CSO/University of Glasgow

Dr Marion Henderson is a senior investigator scientist at the Medical Research Council's Social and Public Health Sciences Unit. She worked on the SHARE randomised controlled trial to evaluate teacher-delivered sex education. She has expertise in the evaluation of complex public health interventions and a specific research interest in sexual health education.

Dr Roger Ingham
Professor Roger Ingham
Southampton University

Roger Ingham is Professor of Health and Community Psychology at the University of Southampton and Director of the Centre for Sexual Health Research.  Roger has worked closely with policy makers in various countries, and has been a consultant/advisor for the WHO, UNAIDS, IPPF, UNESCO, the Ford Foundation, the European Commission and other agencies on their sexual and reproductive health programmes.


Dr Jean Shoveller
Professor Jean Shoveller
University of British Columbia

Jean Shoveller is a leading researcher focusing on the social contexts of youth health inequities, with a particular emphasis on sexual health. She currently holds a Senior Scholar Award from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research and CIHR/PHAC Applied Public Health Chair. The Chair aims to establish new intellectual and practice spaces for developing knowledge and actions to reduce health and social inequalities associated with STIs and unwanted pregnancies amongst youth (12-25 years). Key to this strategy is the use of participatory approaches, emphasising the democratization of knowledge development and exchange amongst researchers, public health practitioners and decision makers, and young people. Prof. Shoveller is also the Co-Chair of the Population Health Intervention Research Initiative for Canada (PHIRIC), a Pan-Canadian network of over 20 government agencies, research organizations, non-government agencies and health charities dedicated to advancing the science and practice of intervention research at the population level.


Professor William Marsiglio
University of Florida

William Marsiglio is Professor of sociology at the University of Florida and is a leading internationally recognised author on fatherhood. He is author, co-author or co-editor of nine books on the topic. He has conducted original empirical research on adolescent men and unintended pregnancy in the United States and was the lead author on the publication It's a guy thing: Boys, young men, and teen pregnancy prevention. Washington, DC: National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, 2006,  which summarised available research on adolescent men and pregnancy as well as evaluations of educational interventions targeting  adolescent men.

Carolyn Corkindale

Carolyn Corkindale
Flinders University

Carolyn Corkindale is a researcher in the School of Social and Policy Studies at Flinders University Australia. Carolyn's flair for both the arts and social science led to the development of the script for the interactive video drama If I were Ben on which If I were Jack is based. Carolyn conducted the original focus groups and individual interviews with adolescent men and then wrote the film script. Carolyn's generosity with the original Australian resources has led to this international collaboration and she is now also piloting the resource in relationship and sexuality education in Australian schools.