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The Jack resource and young offenders

Michelle Templeton writes about taking the Jack resource into Hybebank

7/04/2017 - How to teach sex education to young offenders

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Publication of Feasibility Study

Public Health Research Vol 5, 1

7/04/2017 - The Jack feasibility trial met all criteria for progression to a full trial to assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an interactive video drama in increasing intention to avoid teenage pregnancy.

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PhD research

Recruiting young men for a new study

17/02/2017 - A new study is currently recruiting young men aged 16 - 24 who have experience of an unintended pregnancy.

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Committee Meet

Jack Trial Steering Committee Meet

29/03/2017 - The Trial Steering Committee's has met for the first time in March 2017.

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Jack Trial selected for QUB Innovation showcase

20/02/2017 - THE STORY OF JACK AND A £1.7M GRANT

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Intervention refinement

Refining the parental component of the intervention

18/02/2017 - Led by Dr Áine Aventin (Jack Trial Project Manager) a group of parents and professionals came together to advise on the production of two animated films which aim to help parents talk to their teenagers about sex and unintended pregnancy.