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If I Were Jack - Phase 1

if i were Jack - Phase 1

Intervention Development

During this phase, the research team worked in partnership with teachers, pupils and parents as well as health and RSE experts across the whole if the UK to develop two new versions of the Jack interactive video drama, one for using in Scotland and one for England and Wales. In addition, the team has produced nationally tailored classroom materials designed to fit in the RSE curricula of post-primary school in each nation. The development and optimisation phases of the intervention was funded by the ESRC [Grant no.: RES-189-25-0300] and NIHR [Grant no.: 15/181/01].

The initial development phase involved the production of If I Were Jack materials in Ireland and Northern Ireland and was funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council, the Irish Health Service Executive’s Crisis Pregnancy Programme and the Public Health Agency Northern Ireland. More information on the outputs generated during the development process, including the end of study report, can be accessed on the ESRC website.


A number of strategies were used to maximise the usefulness and effectiveness of the resource. These include:

  • developing a credible, evidence-based, theory-informed resource which can be feasibly implemented in schools in both jurisdictions, and is amenable to rigorous evaluation.
  • ensuring acceptability by involving key health and educational statutory stakeholders in resource development and using an educational modality that engages young people.
  • involving parents and young the co-design of intervention aspects.
  • optimizing universal access to the resource by ensuring that it is part of the statutory curricula for all adolescents at Key Stage 4 of the curriculum attending mainstream schools in Northern Ireland (N= 216, reaching approximately 2,400 pupils) and in all schools in Ireland who have a transition year programme (81% of schools reaching approximately 3,200 pupils), in addition to utilising new technologies such as video and the internet to extend national and international dissemination.


This stage If I Were Jack project builds on our previous research studies in Ireland and Northern Ireland relating to young men's attitudes to unintended pregnancy and parent's approaches to communicating with their teenagers about relationships and sexuality (Lohan et al., 2010Lohan et al., 2011Lohan et al., 2012Hyde et al., 2010). The team hopes to progress with optimisation of universal access of If I Were Jack in Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.