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If I Were Jack - Phase 2

If I were Jack - Phase II

This stage of intervention development was concerned with confirming the acceptability and feasibility of delivering If I Were Jack in UK schools. The research elements examined the acceptability for pupils and teachers, as wells as the cost implications and viability of implementation.

The protocol and results of this research have been reported in scientific journals and publications by the team.


A plain language or lay summary of this research is presented below:

Currently available educational approaches designed to lower unintended teenage pregnancy (UTP) focus primarily on girls.

This study aimed to trial a Relationship and Sexuality Education (RSE) teacher-delivered resource about young men and UTP called If I Were Jack in post-primary schools in Northern Ireland. The study assessed how acceptable and useful it was to teachers, pupils (male and female in mixed-sex classrooms) and parents in different types of schools and compared the findings obtained in four schools that used If I Were Jack with those in four schools that continued to use their usual approach to RSE. The study also aimed to pilot methods and to determine if it would be possible and worthwhile to conduct a large-scale UK-wide trial of the resource, which would determine if it might actually contribute to the reduction of teenage pregnancy rates.

If I Were Jack aims to help teenagers to imagine the situation of a teenage boy who has just discovered that his girlfriend has become unintentionally pregnant. It is designed to reduce UTP by encouraging teenagers to decrease sexual risk-taking behaviour that might result in unintended pregnancy either by delaying sexual intercourse or by consistently using contraception in sexual relationships.

If I Were Jack was acceptable to participating schools, pupils and parents and the study methods were suitable for collecting information from pupils. The findings also suggested that it would be possible to conduct a large-scale trial to examine the effectiveness of the resource in avoiding teenage pregnancy.

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