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Belfast is served by two airports offering direct flights from a small number of North American cities and from a much larger number of European cities.

To avoid transit through London, travellers from North America could transit via New York Newark which has a daily flight (Continental CO94) to Belfast International.

Additionally, Belfast can be accessed from most major cities worldwide via a single connecting link from other United Kingdom Airports or from airports in the Republic of Ireland.

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Delegates from outside of the European Union who may require visas for travel should note that they will require two visas, one for the United Kingdom and one for the Republic of Ireland, if they intend to visit the Republic of Ireland during their stay or to transit through the Republic of Ireland en route to Belfast.

Belfast International and Belfast City Airports are in the United Kingdom.

For definitive information on visa requirements for entry to the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland, please refer to the web site of the UK Borders Agency

Dublin and Shannon Airports are situated in the Republic of Ireland.

For definitive information on visa requirements for entry to the Republic of Ireland, please refer to the web site of the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service


Delegates should note that Northern Ireland, where the conference is located, is part of the United Kingdom and uses Sterling (UK pound) currency. The Republic of Ireland uses Euro currency.


The weather in Northern Ireland is traditionally changeable. The temperature usually stays above freezing, so there is seldom snow or ice, but at any time of year it is advisable to be prepared for rain. Summer months sometimes see prolonged periods of sunshine.

Further Information

Travellers unfamiliar with the region may find the Common Questions section of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board web site a useful source of information on a wide range of topics:

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