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Irish Revolution Bibliography

The following books provide an overview of the Irish revolutionary period including the War of Independence of 1919-21 and the Irish Civil War of 1922-23.

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Land and the revolution: nationalist politics in the west of Ireland, 1891-1921 (2005)

Coleman, Marie, County Longford and the Irish revolution, 1910-1923 (2003)

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Nationalism and unionism: conflict in Ireland, 1885-1921 (1994)

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Garvin, Tom, 1922: the Birth of Irish Democracy (1996)

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Hopkinson, Michael,
The Irish War of Independence (2002)

Hopkinson, Michael,
Green Against Green: Ireland’s Civil War (1988)

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The resurrection of Ireland: the Sinn Féin party, 1916-1923 (1999)

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Townshend, Charles, The British campaign in Ireland, 1919-21 (1975)

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