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Partition and Northern Ireland Bibliography

General Survey Histories

The following survey accounts provide an overview of twentieth-century Irish politics.

Bew, Paul, The Politics of Enmity 1789-2006 (2007)

English, Richard,
Irish Freedom: The History of Nationalism in Ireland (2006)

Ferriter, Diarmaid, The Transformation of Ireland (2004)

Fitzpatrick, David,
The two Irelands, 1912-1939 (1998)

Foster, R. F,
Modern Ireland, 1600-1972 (1988)

Jackson, Alvin, Ireland, 1798-1998 (1999)

Townshend, Charles, Ireland: the 20th century (1999)

Vaughan, W. E. (ed.), A new history of Ireland, vol. VI: Ireland under the union II (1996)

Hill, J. R. (ed), A new history of Ireland, vol VII Ireland 1921-1984 (2003)

Walsh, Oonagh,
Ireland’s independence, 1880-1923 (2002)

The Best Single Account of the Partition of Ireland:

Laffan, Michael, The partition of Ireland, 1911-1925 (1983)

Other Useful Studies Relating to Partition:

Bowman, John, De Valera and the Ulster Question 1917-73 (1982)

Bew, Paul, Ideology and the Irish Question: Ulster Unionism and Irish Nationalism, 1912-1916 (1994)

Jackson, Alvin,
Home Rule: An Irish History (2004)


The following biographies contain much of relevance to partition and the revolutionary period generally:

Buckland, Patrick,
James Craig (1980)

English, Richard, Ernie O’Malley: IRA intellectual (1998)

Hart, Peter, Mick: the real Michael Collins (2005)

Jackson, Alvin,
Sir Edward Carson (1993)

McGarry, Fearghal,
Eoin O’Duffy: a self-made hero (2005)

Murphy, Brian P,
Patrick Pearse and the lost republican ideal (1991)

Ulster/Northern Ireland

The following books cover the impact of the revolutionary period or its aftermath in Ulster or Northern Ireland (as the six counties of north-east Ulster became known after 1920).

Bardon, Jonathan,
A History of Ulster (1992)

Buckland, Patrick,
The Factory of Grievances: Devolved Government in Northern Ireland 1921-39 (1979)

Elliott, Marianne,
The Catholics of Ulster (2000)

Lynch, Robert, The Northern I.R.A. and the early years of partition, 1920-1922 (2006)

Staunton, Enda,
The Nationalists of Northern Ireland 1918-1973 (2001)

Walker, Graham,
A history of the Ulster Unionist Party: Protest, pragmatism and pessimism (2004)

Short Cuts