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Seventeenth-Century Ireland Bibliography


A. Britain


A short up-to-date overview:


Jenny Wormald (ed.), The seventeenth century (Short Oxford History of the British

            Isles, 2008)


An outstanding, but very long, study of the civil wars:


Austin Woolrych, Britain in Revolution 1625-60 (Oxford University Press, 2004)


Still the best synthesis on the Glorious Revolution:


W.A. Speck, Reluctant revolutionaries: Englishmen and the revolution of 1688 (OUP,



Two useful short think pieces:


Angus McInnes, ‘When was the English revolution?’, History, 27 (1982), 377-92

Lawrence Stone, ‘The bourgeois revolution of seventeenth-century England

            revisited’, Past & Present, 109 (1985)


B: Ireland


New text books:


Raymond Gillespie, Seventeenth-century Ireland (Gill & Macmillan, 2006) – the case

            for ‘normalcy’.

Padraig Lenihan, Consolidating conquest: Ireland 1603-1727 (Longman, 2007) –   more traditional in approach.


Two very long surveys:


S.J. Connolly, Contested island: Ireland 1460-1630 (OUP, 2007)

S.J. Connolly, Divided kingdom: Ireland 1630-1800 (OUP, 2008)


The latest big book:


Nicholas Canny, Making Ireland British 1580-1650 (OUP, 2003)


Ulster Plantation


Philip Robinson, The plantation of Ulster (1984; reprint, UHF, 2000) – emphasises

            geography and environment over formal plantation.

W.J. Smyth, Map-making, landscapes and memory: a geography of colonial and

            early-modern Ireland c.1530-1750 (Cork University Press, 2006) – restatesthe colonial perspective.




David Edwards, Padraig Lenihan & Clodagh Tait (eds), Age of Atrocity

            Violence and political conflict in early modern Ireland  (Four Courts Press, 2007)




Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin, Catholic Reformation in Ireland (OUP, 2001)

Brian MacCuarta, Catholic revival in the north of Ireland 1603-41 (Four Courts Press, 2007)

Alan Ford, The Protestant Reformation in Ireland 1590-1641 (Four Courts Press, 1997)


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