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Revision Quiz: Williamite Wars

1. When did James II succeed to the throne?
  • 1665
  • 1675
  • 1685

2. James II was the first Catholic monarch to reign in England. True or false?

  • True
  • False

3. When James II first succeeded to the throne, he initially kept the Tory lord lieutenant in office.  What was his name?

  • Henry Earl of Clarendon
  • Marshal Schomberg
  • Richard Talbot

4. James II introduced a Declaration of Indulgence in what year?

  • 1685
  • 1687
  • 1689

5. The Declaration of Indulgence gave Catholics offices in government, in the university and in the army. True or False?

  • True
  • False

6. James initially went to France after losing his English and Scottish thrones, but later moved to Ireland.  Which of these did he not do?

  • Establish his court in Dublin Castle
  • Turn the Catholic Cathedral of Christ Church into a centre for Protestant worship
  • Turn the Protestant Cathedral of Christ Church into a centre for Catholic worship

7. Professor David Hayton argues that ‘The assembly embarked on a programme of reform that went beyond anything that either James or Tyrconnel had previously envisaged.’ Which of these did it include?

  • Repeal of the post-Cromwellian land settlement
  • Repeal of Poynings’ Law
  • Opening up of Irish trade

8. Which reform was likely to anger James the most?

  • Repeal of the 1641 Elizabethan Act of Uniformity
  • Repeal of Poynings’ Law
  • Constitutional  independence for Ireland

9. The Siege of Derry lasted from:

  • December 1688 to July 1689
  • January 1689 to February 1689
  • November 1689 to December 1689

10. Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Lundy, appointed governor of Derry city in December 1688, later fled the city disguised as:

  • A private soldier
  • A beggar
  • A woman

11. Who took command of the Derry city defence with Colonel Henry Baker after Lundy fled?

  • David Hayton
  • Peter Talbot
  • George Walker

12. James Francis Edward was:

  • The heir presumptive
  • The heir apparent

13. What was the so-called ‘Glorious Revolution’ of 1688?

  • The play published by John Michelburne
  • The French invasion of Holland, stopped when the Dutch deliberately flooded their territory
  • The exile of James II and the succession of William and Mary to the throne

14. An ecclesiastical policy known as ‘Gallicanism’ emphasised the independent authority of the French monarchy over the Catholic Church in France. True or false?

  • True
  • False

15. The Battle of the Boyne took place in:

  • July 1689
  • July 1690
  • July 1691
  • July 1692

16. Who won the Battle of Beachy Head?

  • French
  • English
  • Dutch

17. Which treaty required Catholics who remained  in Ireland to take an oath of allegiance to William and Mary in order to benefit from its provisions?

  • The treaty of Galway, signed July 1691
  • The treaty of Limerick, signed October 1691

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