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1916 Llyod George Negotiations by Erica S. Doherty

The Lloyd George negotiations is the term commonly given to the talks spearheaded by David Lloyd George, then the British Minister of Munitions, on behalf of the British government between May and July 1916. The aim of these negotiations was to reach a settlement regarding home rule for Ireland, thus removing it from the British political scene for the remainder of the First World War. The British government hoped that the talks could break the political deadlock which had plagued attempts at an Irish settlement in the pre-war period between the Irish Parliamentary Party (IPP) which demanded home rule for all of Ireland and the Unionist opposition to home rule that had emerged under the direction of Edward Carson.

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This entry was written by Erica S. Doherty. Erica is currently a third-year history Ph.D. student in the School of History and Anthropology, Queen's University Belfast. Her Ph.D. is an examination of the Irish Parliamentary Party MP, Thomas Power O'Connor, from 1912 to 1924 and focuses on his role within the party's inner leadership circle.

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