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Visual Material


Seventeenth-Century Britain and Ireland (PowerPoint)

Professor Sean Connolly

Ireland, 1775-1800 (PowerPoint)

Dr Andrew Holmes

Economic Developments in Ireland, 1798-1921 (PowerPoint)

Professor Peter Gray

The Irish Potato Famine (BBC iWonder Guide and Timeline)
Professor Peter Gray

The Irish Famine and the Jewish Holocaust (YouTube lecture)

Professor Liam Kennedy

Nationalism and Unionism (PowerPoint)

Professor Liam Kennedy

Belfast Backstreets 100 Years Ago (BBC Audio-visual Slideshow)

Dr Olwen Purdue

Partition of Ireland, 1900-1925 (PowerPoint)

Dr Fearghal McGarry

Documenting Ireland: Parliament, People and Migration (PowerPoint and Website)

Professor Peter Gray

'Ireland's debt and dependence' on The Agenda with Steve Paikin, TVO, Canada (Youtube clip)

Professor Liam Kennedy

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